Office 2010

  HondaMan 16:34 29 Jun 2010

Every time, or so it seems, that I save or close an item in MSO2010, I have to wait while the thing "configures" itself.

Does anyone have any idea why this is so?

It's driving me NUTS

  northumbria61 16:39 29 Jun 2010

It appears it may not be fully installed - try reinstalling or you may be able to do a "repair"
- go to control panel - select Office 2010 and you should get option uninstall/repair - Choose REPAIR

  northumbria61 16:40 29 Jun 2010

You may find it says CHANGE as opposed to repair !

  Pine Man 16:45 29 Jun 2010

This usually means you have not fully uninstalled a previous version of MS Office.

If that is the case you need to uninstall 2010 then dig deep in the registry to remove everything associated with the previous version.

  kdt 22:07 29 Jun 2010

or you can try going to microsoft office/tools then try office diagnostics which will check your installation/errors.

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