Office 2007: where are these commands?

  skeletal 15:06 04 Mar 2008

I’ve just installed Office 2007 and, like everyone, I will now spend years trying to find commands!

However, in spite of some searching and looking for help, there are two things (so far!) I can’t see reference to anywhere (I'm only using PowerPoint so far, but I guess the answers will be the same everywhere).

So how can I:

1) Edit, or change the icons I use to run VBA (so far my code works, very early days yet!). Under “Customise quick access toolbar” I can right click a command and chose “Modify Button” but this only shows a few symbols. I want my own, and in the past there was a button designer where you could, pixel by pixel, do your own.

2) Add a favourite file location in “Open”. If I press the round Office icon and select “Open”, a window opens and on the right hand side there are five pretty useless pre-set file locations (e.g. “My documents”).
In Office 2003, under tools, you could add a folder into this list. Tools in Office 2007 does not seem to have this, so where is it?



  Pine Man 15:49 04 Mar 2008

2) In Word click on Office button, select Word options, select Save and browse for the location you want files saved to. Probably the same on the other applications.

  skeletal 16:12 04 Mar 2008

Pine Man: Thanks. Yes I had forgotten about the default location setting (and would not have found it even if I'd remembered!). This is one step forward as I can direct it much further down the file path now.

However, I would still like to know the answer to my original question as I have many locations, and clicking on the left hand locators is extremely useful.

For Office 2000 I remember editing the registry to add extra locators. I can't believe I will have to resort to this for 2007....!!!!


  skeletal 19:18 04 Mar 2008

Arghh...I’ve found how to do (2). It’s easy when you know how. It’s not easy when you Google the wrong terms!!!

For anyone who wants to do the same: click here

Any thoughts on the button editor?

(Thinks, what else could I Google?!).


  VoG II 19:19 04 Mar 2008

Perhaps you should try this click here and let us know how you get on.

  skeletal 20:23 05 Mar 2008

Thanks for the link VoG (sorry for delay in replying).
Given that you are someone that certainly knows a bit about Office, it bothers me a bit that you haven’t just said “press xyz”. I wonder if this is a useful feature that M$ has removed?!
Anyway, when I get a chance, I’ll have a look at the stuff in the link. It would be a bit annoying if you need extra software to “upgrade” the latest version of Office to make it do what earlier versions did straight out of the box.


  VoG II 20:36 05 Mar 2008

As far as I know the facility for editing button images has been removed in Office 2007.

When I go to customise an icon for a macro in Excel I get a choice of about 200 icons which is sufficient for me. I haven't tried in Word or Powerpoint because I very rarely use macros with those programs.

Other handy features like floating toolbars have also disappeared - progress I suppose...

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