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  SURVEY 17:18 20 Aug 2010

I presently run Office Professional 2000. This has been a very stable suite of programs. A family member has purchased Office 2007 for me mainly because I discovered that if I buy a smartphone, most can only sync with the calendar function of Outlook 2003 and above. My question is, although my version of Office is dated is there really an advantage in upgrading to 2007 which I understand is a nightmare to use compared with Office 2000?

Also could I just install the Outlook 2007 from the Office 2007 disc without any problems. Is the .pst file name changed or can one import the .pst file to 2007?

  VoG II 17:37 20 Aug 2010

If you take the Custom option during installation, you should be able to untick everything except Outlook. It will find your .pst file automatically.

  rawprawn 17:40 20 Aug 2010

There is no problem with Office 2007 ,although the new "colours" take a bit of getting used to until you can change it to your own preference.I now prefer it because it has more functions that I want to use, and has now become a norm.
You can install with no problems, and import .pst files.

  SURVEY 17:45 20 Aug 2010

VoG and rawprawn - as usual you both have the answers!

I had understood that the top toolbar had gone in 2007 and is replaced with a 'ribbon'?

  VoG II 17:56 20 Aug 2010

Yes but unless you do lots of complicated stuff you'll find what you need on the Home tab of the ribbon. Not like Word and Excel where I find myself searching the tabs for the buttons I need.

  SURVEY 18:16 20 Aug 2010

But I do use Word & Excel quite a bit!

  VoG II 18:18 20 Aug 2010

Sorry to be unclear. I meant only install Outlook 2007 and keep Word and Excel 2000.

  SURVEY 18:22 20 Aug 2010

VoG - OK. Understood. So you reckon retaining Word & Excel on 2000 would be the best policy?

  VoG II 18:27 20 Aug 2010

Unless you need the new features then, yes, stick with Word and Excel 2000.

I have Office 2000 at work and Office 2010 at home. I use very few of the new features in Office 2010 - except Pivot Tables in Excel which are a breeze in 2010 compared to 2000.

  SURVEY 18:36 20 Aug 2010

Cheers Vog. I shall make use of the 2007 disc and just select the Outlook package solely for the calendar and contacts. Do I need to uninstall Outlook 2000 first or can I retain it in case I decide to revert. Do you know if Outlook 2007 will automatically pick up the data file (.pst) at its present location or do I need to direct it to the standard stored location?

  VoG II 20:16 20 Aug 2010

When you install Outlook 2007 it will automatically uninstall Outlook 2000 and pick up your .pst file. You will end up looking at a slightly different interface with all of your e-mails etc. intact.

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