Office 2007 or Office 2003

  Boghound 10:37 22 Apr 2007

Just been given full Office 2007 by Microsoft (Yes, Big Bill does occasionally give away things to paying customers that don't live in the "Dark Continent"!!!)and can't make my mind up whether to upgrade from Office 2003. Suggestions/problems would be helpful.

  sunny staines 13:47 22 Apr 2007

gofor 2007 big improvement i think,

  mike1967 13:53 22 Apr 2007

Use it if you don't want it send it to me

  SteveWH 13:55 22 Apr 2007

I have gone from 2003 to 2007 and am very pleased with the change (once you get used to the new interface).

PS: How come you got so lucky?

  Python33 16:50 22 Apr 2007

I Agree, 2007 is a better format & program But can take a while to get used to new format.

  Les 17:54 22 Apr 2007

I tried 2007 when it was sent out for general trial. Personally, I've stuck with 2003 - it does all I want it too. But, if you have had a program for free - which you normally have to pay through the nose for - go for it!!

If you don't like it 'cos it takes time to learn and unlearn 2003 at the same time (as Python33 says) then you can always save any files written in 2007 as plain .doc files (similarly in Excel change any files written to .XLS) - assuming that in each case you saved them in their new format.

  Slithe 18:01 22 Apr 2007

Assuming you've got a 'full' copy and not an upgrade. Install Office 2007 alongside Office 2003, you can use both sets of applications alongside each other if you so wish. I've done it and all works fine.

Only Outlook cannot exist in two formats - and you have to chose either 2007 or 2003.

Used the software since February, and I'm impressed with it. You have the new format .docx, .xlsx, .pttx, .dbx etc - but you can save in the older formats to maintain compatibility with older software. Also, you have the opportunity of converting older formats into the new style as well, with minimal change of layouts - the programme warns you when this may occur and how.

Generally, I found the software very easy to use - the new edition of Word is great and very intuitive, and the new style wizards and templates make documents look very effective. The new format saves in a smaller file size which is also handy for e-mail attachments.

  Mad Mick 22:52 22 Apr 2007

If you need Powerpoint then i think it has been dropped from 2007 edition. Perhaps other forum members can verify this.

  phono 22:59 22 Apr 2007

PowerPoint is still part of 2007, I believe it is Frontpage that has been dropped as Word is used instead.

  Kate B 00:32 23 Apr 2007

I like 2007 too - just remember to save stuff in the old formats for other people as most won't be able to read the new format. Powerpoint is indeed part of 2007.

  Boghound 08:21 23 Apr 2007

Thanks to all that replied.....I think I will "cross my fingers" and give it a go.

Yes..It is the full version including all 9 programs!

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