office 2007 insert problem

  jamesd1981 19:38 24 Apr 2009

i am doing a party invite using word 2007 i had got images via internet to insert into doc but when i insert them the pic inserts fine but it is surrounded by a white box does anyone know of a way to get rid of the box but keep a circle shaped pic inside it.

  VoG II 20:40 24 Apr 2009

Try right clicking the picture > Properties and see if there is a transparency option or similar.

  jamesd1981 21:04 24 Apr 2009

thanks vog there was a transparency but didnt take it away i think the box was actualy part of the pic when i right clicked and just saved picture as.

  AlanHo 07:38 25 Apr 2009

I think you will need to open the picture in a graphics editing programme, crop the picture to how you need it, change the background to transparent and save the edited picture to your hard drive. Then import it into Word.

I use Paint Shop Pro - but there are many graphics editors that will do the job.

  jamesd1981 12:46 25 Apr 2009

thanks alan i have corel photo x2 i will give it a try.

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