office 2007

  conrail 10:17 17 Mar 2011

usung vista business, company laptop, they have just updated and replaced office XP with 2007, how can I customise the toolbar, ie I used to have not only a print button but a button that brought up the print options, (as in ctrl + P) also I had a button not only for save but save as,
all help appreciated, thanks

  gengiscant 10:49 17 Mar 2011

Any use?click here

  lotvic 10:54 17 Mar 2011

I don't think you can customize the Ribbon click here
It's a case of finding their new location in the Ribbon. I am still 'struggling' with it.

  Woolwell 11:24 17 Mar 2011

gengiscant's link points to the quick access bar at the top. You can indeed customise this to add print (like ctrl+p) and save as buttons. You need to choose customise, more commands and then choose more than the popular commands. For some reason MS do not list print and save as among the popular commands. I have done this on my version of Word and it works. You will have to do the same for Excel as it doesn't carry over from one to the other.

  conrail 14:43 17 Mar 2011

thanks gengiscant that has helped, would be nice to customize the buttons, that option may well be there, still I can play around with it,
also thanks to lotvic and Woolwell, you have also been a great help,
I appreciate your time and advice, many thanks

  Woolwell 14:49 17 Mar 2011

You can get the quick access bar to show below the ribbon. In this case it begins to look like a more normal toolbar. Right click on the ribbon and you will the option to have it below the ribbon.

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