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  montyburns 18:06 21 Jun 2008

I've been lucky enough to get a copy of the Office 2007 suite for a miserly £18! (and yes, it's all above board and legal, as it's a through an NHS scheme!)

When we first had the offer, it was for a choice of Office 2003 or Office 2007. As I have 2002 at home and 2003 at work, I plumped for 2003, but by the time I applied, the offer had changed to 2007 only...

Anyway, to get to the question. If I install 2007 "over" my existing 2002 at home, is there a way back if it turns out I don't like it?! I know this sounds a bit miserable after getting it for 18 quid as opposed to 340+, but fact is, I like 2003, and am OK with 2002, but not sure I'll like the new-look of 2007! I'm a bit old fashioned I guess and like things not to change too much :-)

  keverne 18:30 21 Jun 2008

This might help you decide whether you like it or not.

click here

  ventanas 21:48 21 Jun 2008

I've got two machines on my desk at work, one with 2003 and one with 2007, and it ain't half confusing.
Personally I find 2007 a bit too complicated. Perhaps I should give it a bit more time, but things just aren't where they used to be. An example - I had to set line spacing to 2003 mode to get it right.
However I am willing to persevere. I have now bought a book on how to use it.

  grey george 21:58 21 Jun 2008

I had a 60 day freebe of 2007 with my new laptop after typing one document I went back to 2000. They have tried to fix something that wasn't broke. I am not sure if you could install the 2007 on a new partion and therefore try it for a while. If you create a restore point or have the correct discs you should be able to go back to 2002/3

  VoG II 21:58 21 Jun 2008

Hi Dave

Yes you can do this - see click here

When I first installed Office 2007 I retained Office 2003 (except for Outlook - it won't let you do this). This worked fine for me except for Word which kept complaining and asking to configure either 2003 or 2007 version. Eventually this became so irritating that I removed Office 2003.

Once you have mastered the Ribbon, I think you'll find that it is an improvement (except for the stuff that they removed from Excel as I mentioned to you in a PM a few days ago).

  montyburns 10:16 22 Jun 2008

Hmmmm. Interesting viewpoints.

I think I'm in agreement with the "They have tried to fix something that wasn't broke" argument, which is why I'd have liked 2003!

Maybe I'm a Luddite?! Does anyone still sell 2003?!!!!!

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