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  Jaynedoe 21:15 16 Apr 2007

Can anyone help out there. Two questions, first when you are creatin a directory in windows explorer what is the maximum depth of the folder structure?
a. 63 characters
b. 254 characters
c. 255 characters
d. unlimited

second. Our office has had new puters with xp on but office 2007. (boss wont pay for vista waiting for Vienna) Now Im very familiar with Word but cant make head or tail of this new version. Now outlook express uses the word dictionary to check spellings and that is all set up in English so how come when I spellcheck in Outlook express the only dictionary available is |French? I have tried everything to swop it to English but it doesnt work, even the computer suppliers cant get it into English. Word checks in English OK its just OE. All 4 puters are the same and they are all stand alone desktops. Thanks. Jayne.

  PGlad 21:40 16 Apr 2007

Hi Jayne

Not sure what you mean by 'depth of the folder structure' but your multiple choice answers suggest that you actually mean the length of each directory name? Windows recommends that the maximum should be 215 characters (including spaces) but some programmes cannot recognise these so you should stick to shorter names.

Your OE problem should be simple (in theory!), go to 'Tools / Options / Spelling' and at the bottom of the spelling tab you should find an option to select the language of the dictionary you want to use.

Hope that helps :0)

  phono 22:16 16 Apr 2007

There is a known bug in one of the Office 2007 updates that creates the problem of the French only dictionary in OE spell checking, from memory there is no simple solution either.

I have the same problem and I believe there was a suggestion to uninstall Office 2007 completely and then reinstall, I don't think it works in every case though.

  phono 22:23 16 Apr 2007

See here click here for an explanation of the spell check problem.

The suggestion is to use a third party spellchecker until a patch is available, one such spellshecker available from this link click here

  Jaynedoe 08:41 18 Apr 2007

p-glad thanks for that it was a question on our tutorial that no one new the answer to. I think it was the way the question was put but the tutor expanded by saying how many files can you add to a directory tree? a,b,c or d

The French thing. It appears you guys are right. The suppliers came back and have found all the computers they have supplied with office 2007 have the same problem and they dont know how to fix it. Having a spell checker in French is no use in the uk is it. Our solution is to have all the puters wiped of office 2007 and get a refund and to put on our old corporate copy of office everyone is happy. Tyhanks lads.

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