Office 2003 Watermark printing with jumbled letter

  Rabi 02:27 04 Sep 2005

A text-"Watermark" inserted into an Office 2003 document, views fine on the screen, shows okay in Print Preview, but on printing (to an HP1320 Laserjet), the characters are jumbled up, with some missing, on the printed sheets.

Here is the odd thing: I sent the document as an attachment to myslef in an email, I open it on the home PC (both office & home running Win XP Pro, and Office 2003), and when I print same document, the watermark appears perfectly on the printed sheets. The printer at home is an HP 895C.

Anyone know why I can't print the watermark on the PH 1320?

  Rabi 02:40 05 Sep 2005

Re the above, tried it with another document, same results, so it's not the document.

Other than this anomaly, the HP 1320 prints fine.
Any help, someone?

  Taff36 06:41 05 Sep 2005

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the offending printer? I assume XP so in control panel>printers and faxes select the printer and then delete. Reboot the computer and let it reinstall the drivers.

  Rabi 22:01 11 Sep 2005


The HP 1320 is on a network.

I just discovered that the document, when emailed to me at home prints with the watermark fine on my HP 895CE.

Now, on this network is also an HP 3820. When I print this document, or any with the watermark, they also print with the jumbles letters. So, the problem would seem not be printer-specific, and also not document-specific as the document prints okay at home.Weird.

Any advice or solution, anyone? Please?

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