Office 2003 - Files From MS Works Compatible?

  Blitzer 12:49 15 Feb 2006

Pretty much as the subject says - does anyone know if it's possible to open files created in Works (database, spread sheet etc.) in Office 2003 (i.e. Access, Excel etc.)? If not is there any easy way to copy all the data over if I had to start a new database/spreadsheet in Office?

Problem is we currently use Works where I work but there is talk of computer replacement and a move over to Office rather than works. The downside is that I have numerous databases and spreadsheets that I use on a daily basis but all have been created in works.

Thanks in advance for any help. :)

  JWJH 13:04 15 Feb 2006

click here there are some converters listed here, but I don't know if they will work with works files.

  pj123 13:50 15 Feb 2006

I have Office 2000 and Works 4.5 on my computer.

I use Works as my database because I only need a simple flat file system, as opposed to Access which is a fully fledged relative database and too complicated for me.

A way round it is, maybe, resave all your Works database files as dBase IV files, which Access should be able to read and then resave them as Access files.

The works spreadsheets should be resaved as .csv files which can then be read by Excel and resaved as .xls files. It may also be prudent to have Works installed on the new computer as well as Office until you know all is well.

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