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  Mabinogion 01:45 11 Apr 2008

Can anyone help please not getting too complicated?
I have a P/Bell laptop Windows XP and have MS Office Premium 2000 installed, I have been trying to install the MS Office Professional 2003 ~ it installs ok but when I enter the CD ID number I notice that on the top of that window it says MS Office Standard Edition and it won't accept the ID number as it tells me I am not entering a valid ID number but it seems to me that what is happening is that it is calling up the window for the Trial 60 day offer of the PPoint, Word, Access, Excell which is about 2 years expired and I didn't use the trial package anyway but can't get the window I want for to enter the professional edtion number as it reverts back to the Trial window, I can use the other applications on 2003 like Publisher and Frontpage but when I click on the four which were the trial ones they ask me for the ID number for that package and I am back where I started so any ideas please?

I then tried to install it on my desktop which is windows XP and I keep getting this Runtime Error: Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
so can't update to the office 2003 at all now so how do I get round this lot please?

  ambra4 04:15 11 Apr 2008

You have to uninstall the 0ffice 2003 trial version before you install the full version

Use this program to remove the office 2003 trial

click here

List of programs that it will remove

click here

  Mabinogion 23:22 11 Apr 2008

I have looked at the programme/link and will try that I think, but in the start programmes the four Microsoft programmes Excell, Word, P/Point and Access are grouped underneath 'Works' so it won't get rid of the Works programmes do you think? only Works come automatically with the Pc doesn't it, but the others office lot was a free 60 day trial, so what do you think I should do?

  ambra4 23:38 11 Apr 2008

First remove the office 2003 trial program using the first program

And than remove works using this program

click here

You than install Office Professional 2003

  Mabinogion 01:47 19 Apr 2008

Thanks for all the links and yes I have successfully removed the trial office 2003 but now I have got problems with my Outlook Express as for some reason when installing Office 2003 the Outlook programme installed and not sure why but I cannot open my Outlook Express now, I have uninstalled the Office 2003 so see if it solves anything but no it doesn't, OE opens up ok but when clicking on any of the emails it tells me that OE is not correctly configured and that the Address Book failed to load and to reinstall OE, but how can I do that as I have no disks as the programmes were already pre-installed as they usually are, so don't know how to get the OE working again, I have tried all different restore points but none will work (they have successfully restored to the date) but OE and A/Book wont work at all - have also downloaded and installed IE 7 but it just did the updates have tried just installing Outlook from my Office 2000 disk so I can use that but that installed ok but will receive but not send so all in all I wish I had left things alone in the first place so any ideas please?

  ambra4 02:57 19 Apr 2008

Just download Thunderbird email program as it the same as outlook express but a lot easily to use

OE is install with windows so you need a windows disk when you install office 2003 again do a custom install and do not install outlook

  Mabinogion 00:09 20 Apr 2008

Thanks for your advice but I remembered that someone gave me a link to clean up the registry by using Regscrub so having read the instructions before using it I did as they advised and did a back up of all files and put it in a folder in a 'safe place' so having remembered that I thought maybe somehow the Regscrub programme may have cleaned up a bit too much and did something to the OE, anyway I looked for the folder and the programme and it said if needed I could just double click on the two folders 'in the safe place' and restore the files back into the registry, so having done that I restarted the PC and OE worked ok, so don't think I will use the Regscrub programme again, what do you think?

  ambra4 06:26 20 Apr 2008

I do no use regscrub

What I use to fix the registry is Registry Fix

click here

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