Office 2000 won't instal

  Digital 12:38 22 Feb 2007

I have a licensed XP Home upgrade, it was installed over a clean install of a licensed 98SE. I tried to install a licensed copy of Office 2000 but got a message that it couldn't find a qualifying product so installation terminated. has anyone got any idea as to why & if there's a work around, please?

  scotty 12:44 22 Feb 2007

The Office 2000 product will be an upgrade product. This will only install if it finds a previous version on the computer. If you have a previous version, install at least one component (e.g. Word) then use the Office 2000 upgrade disc.

  xania 13:17 22 Feb 2007

You don't need to install software to use the upgrade - but you do need to prove that you have it by placing the install CD in the drive when asked. Applies to both Windows and Office - in both cases upgrading is inferior to clean install.

  Digital 13:25 22 Feb 2007

Thanks but the Office copy I have is the full Professional install, not an upgrade.

  scotty 13:37 22 Feb 2007

It is the message I have seen when using an Office upgrade disc.

This looks like a further example of the inconvenience caused by Microsoft's attempts to control use of their products.

A suggested work around - download Open Office and dump MS Office!

  rawprawn 13:45 22 Feb 2007
  Batch 13:51 22 Feb 2007

When it says it can't find a qualifying product, does it give you an option to redirect it to look at a location where such a product exists?

If it does, try redirecting it to look at the CD / DVD drive that you are trying to install Office 2000 from.

  Digital 13:53 22 Feb 2007

Thanks everyone. I have done what scotty suggests & installed OpenOffice, I'll see how I get on with it.

  Digital 14:11 22 Feb 2007

Sorry Batch, forgot to answer you. No, it just terminates.

Having read rawprawn's link I can see why it might not want to install but it's a complete waste of an expensive product; I'm glad it was a gift (from a user who no longer needed it) & not something I'd bought!

As I said, I'll give OO a try for a few weeks & see how I get on.

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