Office 2000 Installation Error

  beauchampboiler 13:15 04 Aug 2008

I recently purchased an OEM version of Microsoft Office 2000 Premium from ebay after the local computer shop had to wipe the hard disk and reinstall Windows XP (Loosing all my applications in the process.) Everything went well until the installation bar reached about a quarter of the way across. The computer told me that a certain file was missing, I can't remember what it was, it was something to do with OCEANS. I clicked retry and the same thing happened. When I clicked cancel and restarted the installation, I received a similar message except it was claiming that a different file was missing. When I clicked ignore another very similar message popped up. When I restarted the installation again, so that I could get the error message, it had changed again to:

Error 1309. Error reading from file:
I(My CD Drive):\PFiles\Common\MSShared\MSDesign\Resource\1033\MDT2FWUI.DLL. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

On the case it said 'For distribution with new PCs only'. Is this anything to do with it, have I been ripped off by a dodgy ebay seller and most inportantly, how can I get it to work?

Thanks in advance.

  OK Computer 13:23 04 Aug 2008

I believe you should only buy an OEM copy of Windows when you are building a new PC from scatch. Whether that applies to home users or just registered business' I'm not too sure. Regardless, it's not why you're having problems. It seems that it failing to read that particular DLL file which could mean:

a) You have a problem with your DVD/CD drive
b) The disc is scratched
c) The disc has been copied incorrectly

I personally would do a search on the CD for that particular DLL file to ensure it's there and you can read it (perhaps try copying it to your hard drive as a test). You might also want to try clean the disc and try the install again

  beauchampboiler 13:35 04 Aug 2008

Thanks a lot, I'll try that.

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