OEM....What does it mean please?

  nick_j007 12:05 13 Mar 2003

Thought I would ask here as many of you are over-flowing with useless information like this ;-)

This has been bugging me for a while, And I am seeing it all the time now. It's something to do with Original manufacturing I think. Hope it's not considered too 'off topic'.


  cherria 12:09 13 Mar 2003

Original Equipment Manufacturer

I.e, guys who build PCs and are in general not interested in pretty boxes and packaging.

  Lozzy 12:10 13 Mar 2003

Original Equipment Manufacturer

  nick_j007 12:14 13 Mar 2003

The word I was missing was 'Equipment'! Pretty obvious now I think about it.

Really quick response too! Wonder what the record is for fastest response?

Have a good one all.

Nick Jones

  davidg_richmond 14:02 13 Mar 2003

OEM equipment usually comes without manuals, come in brown boxes, and sometimes don't have the same guarantee as retail ones (such as CPUs) - so theyre usually a lot cheaper. Software can be the same but you need to buy hardware at the same time to get it.

  €dstow 14:06 13 Mar 2003

The fastest response was last week where a question was answered before it had been asked. Can't find the thread now but I'm sure is was some clever-clogs fudging by someone under the influence of something who became confused as to what he/she was doing.


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