al7478 18:50 06 Mar 2007

I'm sorry to start another thread on this but im really confused.

Does anyone know the differences between how oem os's can be used in the case of vista and xp, as there are diferences arenty there?

one area im particularly cionfused about is the issue of whether the mobo matters, if, say, i upgraded everything in my system except the mobo?

Also, has anyone noticed any differences between the theory as to how they can be used, and the practice?

i will at some point upgrade my system, but may keep the same mobo. havent made any decisions bout os yet. i have a dell with xp home preinstalled.

  jay.p 19:32 06 Mar 2007

oem os's live and die with your pc. if you get another pc you have to purchase another oem os disc to put on it. if you upgade several components sometimes microsoft will insist on you purchasing a new key code although they should be sympathetic but not always as people on this forum have sometimes found out.
with a genuine microsoft os disc you can install it on a new computer as long as you uninstall it from the old one first.so as long as it is only used on one pc at a time you could go on forever with it.

  al7478 19:48 06 Mar 2007

does that apply to vista and xp? is there any truth to the rumour that it has a lot to do with which mobo you use?

does it all, at the end o' the day, come down to "it depends what happens when you try it"?

  Snec 21:22 06 Mar 2007

The only difference between OEM and a retail offering is the money OEM leaves in your wallet. No other difference at all. I always use OEM.

  al7478 21:36 06 Mar 2007

there are differences in how they can be used. but having read a few other threads im still confused, as i think a few people are.

  jay.p 01:18 07 Mar 2007

if you changed your mobo you would have to pay for a new license key ( usually ) with oem but not with a retail version.
although again if you phone microsoft and explain you had to replace your mobo due to the old one failing they can sometimes be persuaded to re issue a key for free.

  al7478 01:36 07 Mar 2007

in another thread someone infered that the os is tied to th mobo with xp but not vista...?

  Fingees 09:41 07 Mar 2007

OEM is for use on original equipment only.
It cannot be transferred or used on another computer.

Upgrades and the like are usually ok.
This is only up to a point however.
the point varies as to when the computer ceases to be the original, due to changes.
usually, this is change of MB or even CPU.

The licence for Vista, which I have says it must be installed on the hard drive, so possibly a change of hard drive may affect the legality of Vista.

  Mike D 11:35 07 Mar 2007

I have an OEM copy of XP and I contacted Microsoft to verify what I thought I knew and , as has previously been stated, an OEM copy is tied to your motherboard and MS will not reactivate it if a new motherboard is fitted. They also told me that my OEM copy of Xp is not eligible for an upgrade to Vista and that I would need to purchase a full retail copy, or if I was carrying out "qualifying" changes to my pc then I may be able to purchase an OEM copy of Vista.

I think that it will be sometime before Vista appears in my house at the current level of pricing.


  HighTower 11:49 07 Mar 2007

If it's £100 for OEM Vista Business as opposed to £280 then that means that if you change a motherboard and purchase OEM Vista again then you are still spending less for 2 OEM's than you would for one full version.

So, if you imagine that a computer lasts you say 3 years before you get that need for more speed, then you can buy an OEM version twice and still be in pocket, and after 6 years there will probably be a new MS operating system on the go anyway so it starts again.

The question really I suppose is a moral one. If the Microsoft licence states that the Vista OEM CD is only to be supplied to system builders and you are not a system builder then the licence is not valid regardless of the fact that you can get the product from online stores and it works and activates fine.

  vinnyT 11:58 07 Mar 2007

If you like playing around with the insides of your pc, then buy the retail (either full or upgrade) version of the OS.

If you don't muck around inside the pc, then get oem.

I have also heard that vista is tied to the mobo, but, like xp, if too many things change then re-activation may be necessary.

If you don't like the restrictions imposed by MS, then try one of the flavours of linux, but if you do buy an MS os, then you are agreeing to their licencing and should abide by this.

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