OEM&Reactivation Has anybody......

  DWANE PYPE 17:49 13 Jun 2007

Have just got a mobo bundle from Novatech, and have a OEM of XP on my present set up, and asking has any one up graded their mobo, and reactivated OEM afterwards, and if so, how did you do it.

Have looked in the achives, on Google,but got a headache reading do it this way, that way,so thats why I'm asking if you have got a way of doing it, or a "click here" that is not too hard to understand.(the old brain ain't wot it was).

As usual any help will be greatly appreciated.

  jam500 19:08 13 Jun 2007

I bought my pc 5 years ago and i have just changed the motherboard, My XP is an OEM version so all i had was the restore disk which of course would not work because i had changed the board. All i did was borrow someones full xp disk (I did do a complete clean install so i could get rid of any crap that might of been hiding)and when asked for the XP code i just put in the one stuck on the side of the case. Job done.

  thepictorian 19:59 13 Jun 2007

if you want to know how to do this contact me at [email protected] but first is your oem windows xp eather home edition or professional edition let me know.

  DWANE PYPE 20:02 13 Jun 2007

Thanks for that,
I was thinking about just swapping them over, and see if it will work, but I don't whether it will accept it "as is",and boot up, or have to do a "blow over" repair.

I will wait and see if I get any more reply's.


  laurie53 06:05 14 Jun 2007

It's no real problem. When you install XP you will get an "Activate Now?" screen.

When you click yes (always assuming you have re-made your internet connection) you may get automatic re-activation, or you may be asked to ring a Freephone number.

It seems to depend on how many times you have done it before.

If you have to use the telephone you will get a one off instant re-activation code.

  jam500 10:07 14 Jun 2007

A repair should work just fine.

  DWANE PYPE 11:31 14 Jun 2007


Will give it a try later.


  DWANE PYPE 12:47 15 Jun 2007

I,m as our Cilla would say, "Gobsmacked" to say the least.
Got my mobo bundle on Tuesday afternoon, spent an hour or two, that evening looking in the forum archives, doing a Google, about reactivating my OME XP ,then more less the same on Wednesday reading different ways to do it, printing stuff off to study, Thursday afternoon spent creating a slipstream CD just in case, so took the bull by the horns,in the evening,swopped them over, connected everything up, switched on,it booted as normal, straihgt into windows,
all I had to do was alter the screen settings, put the Audio Etc drivers on, the Bios was already done by Novatech, but what kept coming up up all the time was a popup saying alterations have been made to this System, and you must actvate within 3 days, yes or no, I kept saying no,till I sorted things out,then when I was done I clicked yes, on came a window, that said, do you want to do it on line, or by phone, and some other way, so clicked on line, pressed enter, reached over to take a swig of my tea, looked at the screen and in another window it said "your system has been successfully RE-actvated". I nearly fell off my chair when I read it, after all fuss and worry wondering whether I would be able to or not, I could have had it up and running Tuesday evening, DOH!!!.

So what do you think that.

I will green tick it later.


  jam500 14:27 15 Jun 2007

Congrats, I too was told that on very rare occasions all would be fine with a motherboard swap and windows would behave, But alas mine was not one of those rare occassions. Again congrats.

  laurie53 08:05 16 Jun 2007

Told you it was no real problem!


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