Strawballs 20:47 29 Oct 2005

The firm I work for buy their PC's from HP, they come with a HP disc with win XP Pro with the official Microsoft XP Pro sticker on it.
But the company does not use XP it uses win 2000, my question is if those xp oem licences are not used as the OS is never activated but replaced would it be legal to use one or more of those unused licences on self build machines.

  Strawballs 21:38 29 Oct 2005


  Djohn 21:54 29 Oct 2005

Microsoft are in the process of changing the EULA at the moment, and not in favour of OEM copy's. That though is a different story being looked into by FE.

All I can say is that our social fund received 2 new machines a couple of weeks back, both came with OEM copy of XP pro and win 2000. I installed one with XP, the other with 2000, then gave the other two copy's away. Both were full versions, installed onto friends machines and activated without problem.

So apart from the change in Microsoft's licensing rules, yes, if you have a genuine untied [to a specific brand of PC] copy of XP, then it is fine to install it to another machine and it will work and activate.

  Strawballs 21:57 29 Oct 2005

Djohn the problem is as I said in the thread they are off the shelf HP machines (somewhere in the region of 600)

  ventanas 22:08 29 Oct 2005

OEM supplied with the pc's, then they can ONLY be used with these pc's. Obvious they are OEM because you say they are labelled HP. If you are not going to use them with the machines they were supplied with you have only one other option - throw them away. To use them on any other machine is illegal.

  woodchip 22:15 29 Oct 2005

If they are full XP disc not restore, and not loaded on another comp they should be OK to use

  Strawballs 22:17 29 Oct 2005

Thanks for the response that I have got.

  ventanas 22:18 29 Oct 2005

Woodchip, these are OEM discs, supplied with a PC. Whether or not they will work is irrelevant.

  Carbonara 22:24 29 Oct 2005

I take it if I buy a fan which comes with an OEM disc, I cannot use the disc unless I install the fan?

  Chegs ® 22:29 29 Oct 2005

"I take it if I buy a fan which comes with an OEM disc, I cannot use the disc unless I install the fan?"

The changes referred to above Re:MS+OEM licencing,means you cannot buy an OEM CD UNLESS you buy a whole PC.So,your question as to OEM+fan is way off beam,you cannot sidestep XP activation by buying a fan.

  vinnyT 11:26 30 Oct 2005

Strawballs, this does'nt help with your ?, which has been answered, but, I suggest you have a word with whoever at your firm orders the it equipment and point out that the firm is paying for useless software licences (the oem xp in this case). As the firm buys so many, it should be able to buy without xp on the machines. At 600 pcs in one go, this could be a sizeable saving.

You never know, you may get a bonus (a marks&sparks voucher;-[]) for saving the firm money.

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