OEM WinXP OS License - The Truth??

  PaulB2005 08:08 30 Apr 2008

I know that the new OEM license rules on MS Vista mean it can only be sold with a new complete PC but can someone clarify the previous rules regarding peripheral purchases. It's often quoted that even just buying a 99p mouse means you can buy a copy of XP OEM legally.

Is this true or a bending of the rules??

I know many retailers say it's true but i not entirely convinced that's 100%.....

  Batch 08:45 30 Apr 2008

All I know is that ebuyer (probably along with many others) sell OEM licences without any hardware at all. MS must surely be aware of this.

As OEM licences, they are limited (through the activation process) to use on a single PC and cannot, realistically, be transferred to another PC even if the original PC is defunct.

  ventanas 09:07 30 Apr 2008

The rule pertaining to "qualifying item of peripheral hardware" was withdrawn by Microsoft back in 2005. it was far too often abused. Under the terms of the licence the hardware purchased had to be installed and in use for the OEM licence to be valid. So if you did buy a .99p mouse and it subsequently failed your OEM Windows went with it. Of course this was not happening, people continued to use the OEM software and often never used the hardware at all. This was not in line with the licence terms, so Microsoft put a stop to it.
There are still many who vehemently claim that this hardware rule still exists, usually small retailers who cannot afford any other method of supply. They are wrong.
By the way Microsoft do not permit the selling of OEM versions of their software through any channel other than their own approved vendors. Ebuyer may, in some cases be ok. But ebay is definitely not.
Yes Microsoft are aware of the mis-selling.

  PaulB2005 09:54 30 Apr 2008

Thank you. Had some many "well my mate did x" stories...

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