OEM Windows XP operating system

  CBJ 12:49 01 Mar 2004

I need to upgrade my hard drive but am worried that I will need to reinstall Windows XP Home.

The problem is that I don't have the Windows CD-Rom as my current hard drive originally came from an HP system and the only copy is on a partition on the hard drive.

I've upgraded just about everything else on the system (CPU, motherboard, graphics card etc...) and have had to reactivate once. But I'm very uncertain that I can use a new SATA drive without installing a new version of Windows XP Home. Any advice?

Also, if I do need to buy a new version of Windows, can I get away with an OEM version?

  Giggle n' Bits 13:02 01 Mar 2004

And you will also have to buy something like a PCI Modem or oem mouse.

  CNP Ltd 13:33 01 Mar 2004

From some shops you can buy it OEM but there isn't much differences in the price.

  Tim Piggott 13:36 01 Mar 2004

Try Running a search on "XP" and "OEM"
I wanted the same info and there is loads in here on it!

Regards - Tim

  ardvarc 17:23 01 Mar 2004

This any good? I have the SP1 version on 2 PC's and no problems with activating when upgrading.

click here

  Rayuk 18:10 01 Mar 2004

You could still keep the hard drive in there and use the new sata as slave if all you are after is extra space.

  CBJ 22:54 01 Mar 2004

Looks like I'm going to get a new SATA drive and an OEM copy of XP Home.

I presume the OEM operating system is pretty easy to install on a new drive? Let me know if I'm about to make a big mistake.

  cycoze 00:24 02 Mar 2004

If your installing XP on the SATA Drive you will need to have the SATA drivers (will either be on motherboard cd or sata card cd)on a floppy as XP will want them , on the first blue screen (setup) you will need to tap the F6 key (it says this in the bottom left of the screen).

During the installation you may get a box thrown up stating " software installation , ! has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatability with Windows XP. continuing with installation may impair or destabalize the correct operation" this will be for the SATA drivers , just ignore it and install them .

If you installing to IDE , it should be very straight forward .

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