OEM Windows XP Home issues re activation

  nar 14:06 28 Oct 2005

Just bought new components to build new pc (mobo, hard drive, processor etc)and bought a copy of windows XP home oem seperatly to my order. Ive installed it but not activated it.

However, reading the posts i am now confused to the change in Microsoft regualtions regarding OEM software.

Will i be able to activate it because it was not preloaded on my hard drive and can i get round any problems.

Also will i be able to upgrade some memory in the future without having to buy a new copy


  mgmcc 14:26 28 Oct 2005

If it is a Microsoft OEM copy of XP bought for installation in a new build PC, then "yes" you will be able to activate it. Different rules apply to the OEM software used by manufacturers producing PCs in bulk.

One of my PCs, which was custom built, has an OEM copy of XP. Over a period of time I have increased the RAM from 256MB to 768MB, swapped CD/DVD drives several times, installed XP in two separate hard drives and activated both (although both are used with the same hardware via a hard drive caddy) and even replaced a damaged Duron processor with an Athlon. I haven't so far had activation problems with these changes.

  nar 14:50 28 Oct 2005

I want to put a bit more mem in soon will i have to re activate after i have installed????

  mgmcc 15:10 28 Oct 2005

An increase in memory alone won't trigger the need to reactivate.

  miniboy 15:23 28 Oct 2005


Normally it wants to re-activate after a mobo/CPU change.

  ventanas 16:44 28 Oct 2005

You answered your own question. The OEM disc should not have been sold to you click here for the rules which have been in place since 1st September. If I were you I would report the outlet to Microsoft, and really you should buy a retail copy.

  nar 13:22 03 Nov 2005

Just activated XP over the phone and no problems at all and all working fine now. it was an oem bought off ebay for £50 and its pucker. So im a happy bunny

  PaulB2005 13:28 03 Nov 2005

Still illegal

  Mr Beeline 13:57 03 Nov 2005


Would appear to be correct. Must admit that I did not know this. EBUYER now does not appear to offer OEM versions of Windows XP for sale and until recently, it certainly did.

  Monument 14:02 03 Nov 2005
  Mr Beeline 14:13 03 Nov 2005


yep... just found the same thing myself. My eyesight must be failing.

How come they are still selling OEM versions??? In fact they now say "no hardware purchase needed etc". Not what Microsoft appears to be saying on it's own WEB site! Really confused now.

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