OEM Windows "Installer's kit"?

  Pineman100 17:17 08 Jul 2009

I've just had a puzzling call from an English friend who lives in France. He has a PC several years old that runs XP, but from his description it sounds as though he recently suffered a fatal hard drive crash.

A French guy who is fairly computer-literate fitted a new drive for him, but my friend was unable to find his XP disk (he says he had an original Microsoft disk, not the manufacturer's recovery disk). So the French guy suggested he should buy another English version of XP online - which he did.

From what he has said to me, it sounds as though he has bought an OEM version of XP. He says that on the sealed box there's a statement about needing "an installer's kit" that can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. My friend doesn't know what this is and how to use it - me neither!

I suggested that he should try installing from the CD in the usual way, using his old XP product key, but he says there is no sticker on the computer casing showing this. He thinks he remembers it on the package that his original XP disk came in, along with the computer. So it's lost.

Can he install this OEM version of XP in the normal way? What is the "installer's kit" that he thinks he needs? If he can't install without it, will he be able to download it OK?

I'm relying on his explanation of the situation, so I hope the above makes sense.

  sunnystaines 17:20 08 Jul 2009

here what he needs

click here

  Pineman100 17:44 08 Jul 2009

Thanks sunnystaines. Have you used this kit?

Following your link I've read up on it, and it appears to be designed to "help you to install, customize, and deploy Windows unattended".

Do you know whether it is essential for an OEM installation, or just to help professionals to avoid the time-consuming process?

  Graphicool1 18:03 08 Jul 2009

The Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) is designed to help corporate IT professionals customize and deploy the Microsoft Windows Vista™ family of operation systems.
By using Windows AIK, you can perform unattended Windows installations, capture Windows images with ImageX, and create Windows PE images.

System Requirements:
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista

• Supported Operating Systems:
Windows Server 2003 SP1; Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
• Windows XP SP2 with KB926044
• Windows Server 2003 SP1 with KB926044
• Windows Server 2003 SP2
• Windows Vista family

  Taff™ 18:05 08 Jul 2009

I`m going to suggest that he hasn`t actually broken the seal on the box yet. If I`m right inside will be an OEM disc with a holographic sticker with the CD Key - I bought one like this for a system I built about three years ago.

The OEM install is little different from the full retail version. I don`t think you need the kit mentioned on the outside.

Can he confirm exactly what the box contains from the label - obviously if he opens it it cannot be returned.

  Pineman100 18:19 08 Jul 2009

Thanks Graphicool1 and Taff.

I've just called him again, and he says it's a brown cardboard box that contains an OEM version of Windows XP Home SP3. You're right - having read about the Installation Kit, he didn't break the seal, just in case he had to send it back.

  Pineman100 18:30 08 Jul 2009

Sorry - my description makes it sound a bit dodgy! He says it is an offical Microsoft cardboard box!

  sunnystaines 18:34 08 Jul 2009

not used this kit, but was curios about you post and found the link.

I think Graphicool1 has summed it up.

  Pineman100 18:37 08 Jul 2009

Thanks again.

Does anyone know for sure whether my friend will encounter any problems installing XP from this disk? He's anxious not to open the box without being certain.

  Graphicool1 18:57 08 Jul 2009

This link might be of some help. A lot of reading I'm afraid I just skimmed it...

click here

  Zaggerman 19:00 08 Jul 2009

Hi Pineman

The OEM Version is exactly the same software as the retail boxed version, it's just the box that's different.

OEM software can only be legally purchased with hardware (hard drive etc) as it's meant for system builder.

Just boot from the disc and follow the prompts.

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