OEM software installation

  SB23 16:39 20 Oct 2006

I have finally got round to upgrading a few bits on my pc, and am waiting for them to be delivered.
The question that I have is that along with these bits I've purchased some Oem software to install with them.
My understanding is still limited when it comes to these areas, but will I get a product key with this software so that I can install the full version or have I made a mistake, and I'll be breaking the law?
Should I have bought retail?



  birdface 17:08 20 Oct 2006

As long as it has not been used before ,It will be ok I think,If it has been used in another machine, Microsoft will not accept it, A lot of those going about ,Are from computers damaged in transit, Things like that, So whoever bought the computer in my opinion ,has every right to sell it,Because microsoft have already had there share of cash from manufacturer,Always a bit Iffey,But you pay your money , you take your chance.Send it on to me if you are feeling a bit guilty.I will Point out, This is only my opinion.Other opinions may vary.

  Technotiger 17:12 20 Oct 2006

Hi, I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you bought them from a legitimate source. And yes, they should be the full versions.


  SB23 17:13 20 Oct 2006

The software is from a legit source, (online supplier) that alot of people use, but I never thought, and its nothing to do with Microsoft.
When I checked the stock before I ordered they had hundreds of copies.

  ed-0 17:21 20 Oct 2006

Do you mean you have bought some hardware and have gone for the more reasonably priced OEM stock. Then if the hardware comes with OEM software, thats fine, but bear in mind some OEM hardware does not come with any software.

Certain manufacturers do not supply software with DVD and CDRW drives. Unless you have alternative software, OEM can work out more expensive.

  SB23 17:29 20 Oct 2006

I've purchased 2 drives, a wireless card, and a few other items, and the oem software.

  woodchip 17:34 20 Oct 2006

There will be a key on the disc or CD pack so do not lose it

  SB23 17:45 20 Oct 2006

So by installing this oem software, I won't be breaking any laws?

  ed-0 18:05 20 Oct 2006

" So by installing this oem software, I won't be breaking any laws? "

No. You are fine;-)

OEM software is usually cut down software in asmuch it will just work with the product you have bought.

  SB23 18:24 20 Oct 2006

Thanks all, I know now that I should be fine, and that I'm not breaking any laws.

Thanks again


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