OEM software

  Damarc 09:38 11 Jul 2008

Does such software have a shelf life? I bought Zone Alarm off ebay and it was OEM software with a serial number to use. That was about 2 years ago and it has been fine and updates have automatically been downloaded. As a result of the Security Update from Microsoft messing up the internet connection, and me not being able to get onto PC Advisor for help I was told to uninstall and reinstall ZoneAlarm by Microsoft and under NO circumstances to uninstall their security update as it might crash my system. Talk about blackmail! The disk now won't read so I wondered if it was time limiting?

  johndrew 10:01 11 Jul 2008

I can see no reason for the function of the OEM version to be any different to the full version; this site says the same click here.

However, ZoneAlarm recognise a problem with a Windows update as well so this may help click here.

If all else fails you can always e-mail their Support explaining what you have and the problem.

  Diemmess 10:23 11 Jul 2008

You, me, and how many others were stunned when they could no longer go online.

johndrew offered the link to a ZA update which solves the problem. click here
The file you need is the "Firewall only" from the bottom of the list if you want to stay free.
I don't think it matters whether the MS fix is installed or the Free Zone Alarm update is loaded first.

But..... you do need to at least download the ZA job before you install the Security fix for obvious reasons.

  Damarc 13:26 11 Jul 2008

Trouble is I can't read the ZoneAlarm disk and I've already uninstalled ZoneAlarm. It keeps asking me to insert a disk and when I do so, it grunts away but nothing comes up and when I do the 'run' program with d:\ it again asks for the disk. Any other solution?

  Ditch999 13:39 11 Jul 2008

Download ZA from their website. There is a new version out to try to combat this problem apparently.

  Ditch999 13:53 11 Jul 2008

See this other posting re this problem click here

  Diemmess 13:55 11 Jul 2008

Briefly, forget the ZA disk. It must be way out of date and would need updating anyway!

Use the link johndrew's second or this one click here
download direct from that site. (Basic Fire wall)

You should now have version
This is a .exe file, and if you double click on it it will install ZA for you.

Whatever Microsoft said, you can uninstall the awkward fix using Control Panel, add/remove and then install the new ZA if you prefer to do it that way., updating windows again once the latest ZA is running.

  johndrew 16:13 11 Jul 2008

Have you tried to read the CD in another drive? You could also try to read another CD in the drive and that will also tell you if it is working. It could also be the drive laser is dirty which can be fixed using a cleaner disk - available at many stores including WH Smith and Woolworths. Worst case the drive has failed or the CD is damaged, if the latter you could try to clean it and if it then works make a backup copy.

  Damarc 16:40 11 Jul 2008

I've tried other disks in it with no problem. I've now bought Norton Internet Security Suite in the interim. Think that I'll give ZA a miss now. I was having problems with it after Christmas when they sent out an update and its anti virus kept switching itself off and then scanning stopped every time a security pop up alert came up as it was scanning. Went on forever and the fix was to reset ZA all the time which was getting to be a bit of a pain. Probably Norton isn't as good but on advice of this board I've also downloaded Comodo so hopefully I've got a double or even treble whammy firewall. Thanks for all your help.

  johndrew 20:33 11 Jul 2008

My preference is Sunbelt (formerly Kerio) firewall. I seems to be the best of the bunch in my opinion.

  johndrew 20:34 11 Jul 2008

`I've also downloaded Comodo so hopefully I've got a double or even treble whammy firewall.`

Re-read this as I posted. You may be unwise running more than one firewall, this can cause problems.

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