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  Dell latitude 19:30 21 Jul 2006

I can you tell me the rules about installing and oem version of windows xp sp2 on a computer. I know You are sonly suppost to use this on a custom built computer, but i would like to know about the activation rules mostly. Ive heard that if tou change a certain amount of hardware in your computer you will bot be able to activate again. Can you add more to this please.

  woodchip 19:55 21 Jul 2006

That's rubbish that you heard. But it does depend on if You got a OEM XP CD or a Restore CD with the Computer

  Belatucadrus 20:03 21 Jul 2006

Download the microsoft OEM product activation document click here

When an OEM copy is registered it creates an ID number based on ten specific system componants, if XP detects on boot that the hardware is “substantially different”, reactivation is required. The definition of "substantially different" is weighted for different systems, so variable but the document states;-

"If the PC is not dockable and a network adapter exists and is not changed, 6 or more of the other above values would have to change before reactivation was required. If a network adapter existed but is changed or never existed at all, 4 or more changes (including the changed network adapter if it previously existed) will result in a requirement to reactivate".

Are you likely to change between four and six of the specified componants ?

1 Display Adapter
2 SCSI Adapter
3 IDE Adapter
4 Network Adapter MAC Address
5 RAM Amount Range (i.e. 0-64mb, 64-128mb, etc)
6 Processor Type
7 Processor Serial Number
8 Hard Drive Device
9 Hard Drive Volume Serial Number

  johndrew 20:06 21 Jul 2006

I agree totally with woodchip. I have an OEM XP SP2 disk that came with my machine and if I change enough items I will need to re-activate but provided I don`t do it `regularly` (I think the limitation is 3 times in each 120 day period) I`m fine.

Restore CDs are a different kettle of fish as the activation key is built in and the manufacturer/provider of the Cd must get involved.

  Dell latitude 20:10 21 Jul 2006

Some time after i installed the xp oem i have added:
A network adapter, more ram and added a dialup modem.

i am soon going to swap my dvd/cd-rw for a dvd-rw soon in my desktop and i am soon going to upgrade the primary hard drive. This is the part that confuses me, i thought it puts a profile on your hard drive about all the hardware installed. What will happen if i install xp oem on a new hard drive, will i be able to activate?

  Dell latitude 20:18 21 Jul 2006

ohh sorry and i have recently changed the cpu but i have not had 2 reactivate yet.

  johndrew 20:22 21 Jul 2006

If you download XPInfo click here decompress and run it , you will see what elements of your machine the activation code used. Those items shown with a check mark are used and those with a check mark ghosted have been changed in some way. Those ghosted with no check mark don`t count.

For example I have no check mark against my HDDs so I can add/remove/change with no effect on my activation.

  johndrew 20:24 21 Jul 2006

Sorery I should have said the download you need is the top item.

  Dell latitude 20:25 21 Jul 2006

Lets say i change alot of hardware inside my pc and windows said i need 2 reactivate. What would happen if i just took the hard drive out of the computer and just put it in the bin. Then i put a brand new hard drive in my computer and install that same oem xp. Will i be able to reactivate?

  Quickbeam 21:15 21 Jul 2006

If you reinstall enough times you have to ring Microsoft and activate by phone. I've just last week done this again and had to speak to an operative because of the number of hardware changes since the first installation 4 years ago... only the optical drive, case & hard disk are original... all legitimately replaced... but they didn't seem to like it!
Anyway, they issued me with a new activation key as there is only me on record as using this disk... but I suspect I will soon have to buy a new retail version?
Next time I want a clean install I will use the Norton Ghost backup I forgot about last time!

  woodchip 21:38 21 Jul 2006

If you use an Acronis Drive Image and the Motherboard as Not been changed then you can load the Image and change other Hardware without going through all the above palaver

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