OEM Hardware – what is it?

  QinesiQ 20:06 28 Aug 2006

I would be very grateful if someone could please tell me what an OEM piece of hardware (namely an MP3 player) is?

I am expecting it to come without drivers (don’t need on XP anyway) music managing s/w and manual (not really interested but can download both) cables (like I don’t have enough already) manual (might be handy and no probs in downloading – already have). I can also download firmware and upgrades if they are not already installed. Oh, and no box (but presumably something sturdy to ship it in!)

Would this be correct?

Is the item new? There is no mention of refurbished/reworked etc and other items that are, are clearly labelled as such.

Is there anything else I should know (not in general – but there’s probably lots! I mean re:OEM!)?

Thank you


  spuds 20:30 28 Aug 2006

Yes you are correct in your definition of OEM, to a point. Some manufacturers do supply everything similar to a retail pack, so you may not notice much difference. One difference that you may notice is possible support and technical help. Some manufacturers will provide these, others may refer you to the seller or retailer.

  SANTOS7 20:35 28 Aug 2006
  QinesiQ 20:39 28 Aug 2006

For reassuring me - I should have asked before purchase but I had a hunch and then with delivery being delayed (Bank hol) I started to worry.

I’ll tick as resolved and I appreciate you coming to my rescue so quickly.

  QinesiQ 20:45 28 Aug 2006

Thanks to you also - you just caught me before I ticked resolved!

I can see nothing about them re-branding the player its just being sold as it is - I can only really think the price is due to lack of extras and pretty box that the highstreet would demand (maybe?)

BTW guys this is it:
click here

(ok heres where you tell me I've been had!!!)

  SANTOS7 20:57 28 Aug 2006

click here
price compared to those in link is OK if you like it ,buy it...

  QinesiQ 21:03 28 Aug 2006

Thanks - those are nice too!

Well, you have both reassured me - will tick resolved.

Hope you both had a relaxing Bank hol :-)

Thanks again

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