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  Slithe 16:40 02 Feb 2007

Dabs are offering an OEM Version of Vista Home Premium at a reduced price, certain the restrictions of OEM software licensing.

I can't work out exactly what I would have to buy to qualify for the OEM copy.

Also, what is the difference between Vista Home Premium and Vista Home Premium 32-Bit? Ran the upgrade advisor and it doesn't state the difference.

Many thanks (apologies if this is in the wrong forum.)

  Totally-braindead 16:51 02 Feb 2007

As far as I know they are both the same, you do get a 64 bit Vista Home Premium which is different.
OEM has to be installed on a new blank PC and it dies with the PC you cannot delete it and put it on another PC. I think it just has to be hardware you buy and that can be almost anything, memory, a new hard drive, etc

  Slithe 16:54 02 Feb 2007

Thanks, will consider buying a RAM upgrade or a smallish hard-drive then when they have some more in stock.

Never used Dabs, are they a good company to use?

  Totally-braindead 16:58 02 Feb 2007

There is someone complaining about them in Consumerwatch just now but I've bought a lot from them and personally have never had any real problems.
My favourite supplier has to be Novatech click here+ Vista Home Premium OEM

  ed-0 17:03 02 Feb 2007

32bit £67.52 click here

64bit £67.73 click here

Dabs £73.62 click here

I have used both dabs and ebuyer. Had no problems with either of them.

  Slithe 17:09 02 Feb 2007

OK - thanks for the links above. Just to confirm in either of the suppliers listed above, it has to be either RAM or a Hard-Drive to qualify in which it's just a case of adding Vista and the piece of hardware into the basket and paying for it?

Soz, a bit thick when it comes to certain things at times...

  ventanas 17:14 02 Feb 2007

Sorry to spoil the party, but the rules about OEM\hardware purchases changed in 2005. It is no longer possible, and anyone offering it is doing so illegally.

At present OEM copies of Windows can ONLY be sold with a fully assembled system. I don't know what Dabs are up to but I wouldn't touch it.
If you want Vista you must buy a retail upgrade, or purchase a new system.

You may come unstuck with validation with an illegal OEM version.

  Slithe 17:16 02 Feb 2007

Had heard something about that, wasn't sure of the rules that's why I asked about it.

  Totally-braindead 17:20 02 Feb 2007

ventanas I cannot dispute your post but all of the suppliers are selling OEM copies and asking that you buy some hardware. If you are correct then they are all breaking the rules of the licencing agreement.

  zarobian 17:25 02 Feb 2007

Buy a mouse

  PaulB2005 17:26 02 Feb 2007

Most vendors are selling OEM copies openly without checks. It doesn't help clarify the situation that many forums tout the old "buy OEM with a mouse and it's all legal" myth.

The upgrade version won't dual boot as i understand it kills your old previous version Product Key so those that build their own like me are stuck paying full Retail price. I can understand why many go down the OEM route with prices the way they are...

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