Mastermind 18:58 30 Jan 2004

Could someone tell me what OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) actually means.

I ask because I was looking for some components on Dabs and noticed the following statement.

"OEM hardware may only be purchased by registered system builders."

  Chris the Ancient 19:22 30 Jan 2004

A quick search on the site finds this interesting thread. Seems to explain things nicely!

click here


  PA28 20:13 30 Jan 2004

Strange Policy from Dabs - wonder if they've had problems with questions such as "where's the manual?". Most other suppliers don't seem to mind. OEM is normally just bare bones components. No manuals, cables, instructions, software bundles, support, or fancy packaging (I did wonder at a DVD drive I bought recently which actually came in a sandwich, rather than an anti-stat, bag!).

If you're fully au-fait with what you're doing OEM will produce the same result as the full package at a fraction of the cost. If you're not, it won't!!

  Big Elf 20:16 30 Jan 2004

Additionally some item e.g. graphics cards will only include the card and a driver CD instead of extra cables (DVI) and a few games, DVD drives may only have the drive with no cables or fixing brackets and screws.

  Big Elf 20:17 30 Jan 2004

My thinking time and typing time are obviously a lot slower than yours:0)

  Mastermind 21:05 30 Jan 2004

This is what I was after:
click here

I think this is the retail version:
click here

A difference in price of 67%!

  Mastermind 21:08 30 Jan 2004

This is interesting; it appears that Dabs are selling D66-00035, which is an three pack, singularly:
click here

  Big Elf 21:14 30 Jan 2004

What could you get extra with a mouse?

I'm assuming that the OEM is actually a MS mouse. The labelling appears to indicate that it is.

  Mastermind 21:21 30 Jan 2004

A box? ;-)

Drivers that can be downloaded anyway.

A manual? ;-)

  Mastermind 21:22 30 Jan 2004

When they say:
"OEM hardware may only be purchased by registered system builders."

Registered with whom?

  A Cat Called George 21:22 30 Jan 2004

A cat to chase it???

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