OE6 - preview pane - how to disable

  Rhodie 23:11 17 Sep 2003

all my attachments show in preview pane - when I go to view, layout, the box to "show preview pane" is not ticked, yet it still previews all my attachments.
In options, read, the tick box for "automatically download messages when viewing in the preview pane" is also not ticked.
Any suggestions.

  hugh-265156 01:19 18 Sep 2003

(what version and OS?)have you ran an up to date AV lately and have you tried a repair of internet explorer. 6 is the latest,get it click here will update while keeping your favorites and emails.back them up just in case though.

  Rhodie 09:29 18 Sep 2003

I'm using latest ie6 - downloaded last week with windowsn 98

  DieSse 09:48 18 Sep 2003

Tick the preview option - restart OE. Untick the preview option - retsrt OE - has this got it correct?

  Rhodie 10:31 18 Sep 2003

DieSse - did as per your instruction - realised that it's not the preview pane. When I received an email it shows the attachment i.e. photo attachment, but also shows the photo in the body of the email so is already open when I open the email with out me having to open the attachment. Hope you can understand my explanation.
How can I stop this so that the attachment has to be opened by me for viewing?

  DieSse 11:22 18 Sep 2003

We had this recently - apparently you can't do this.

Though you could try this work around. Go to OE - Tools - Options - Security and tick the box "Do not allow ......Etc".

This does mean that when you do want to open them, you wll have to untick the box, retsrt OE in order to see them.

I have to confess I've never understood why this should bother people - can you explain please.

  DieSse 11:28 18 Sep 2003

Sorry - my suggestion doesn't work - they still display even though you can't open or save them!!!!

Ah well - back to the drawing board .......

  MichelleC 11:40 18 Sep 2003

Try reverting to previous oe/ie (v5 or 5.5), rebooting and see if this clears it. When I was 98+ it didn't like v6.

  Rhodie 12:16 18 Sep 2003

this problem was occuring in v5.5 - also, computer wouldn't shut down in V5.5 which now works with V6.

  MichelleC 10:13 19 Sep 2003

It's worth running system file checker as ie/oe is integral to os: RUN/ type sfc and replace files as necessary (but any changed files will show not just corrupted ones).

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