OE6 - Lost all folders, accounts and address book

  daba 11:47 19 Jul 2003

Help Pls, OE6 has lost everything and signs on now as default with the 'welcome' e-mail from MS.

At the same time a file has appeared on my desktop named ~

Using QuickView, this looks like my address book details.

Can anyone help me put it back together.

Windows '98SE
Outlook Express 6

  User-312386 11:51 19 Jul 2003

you will find the inbix.dbx in

C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\load of numbers\Microsoft\Outlook Express

  User-312386 11:52 19 Jul 2003


sorry i just read you have 98se

do a search of your hard drive looking for *.dbx

this will find them

  VoG II 11:53 19 Jul 2003

The ~ file is related to a bug in OE6 and probably unrelated to your other problem.

  daba 11:59 19 Jul 2003

Yes, there they are in C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{ [ ID string ] }\Microsoft\Outlook Express

But that doesnt help as OE has no Identities configured.

And how do I restore Address Book and e-Mail account info ?

  User-312386 12:04 19 Jul 2003

all he has to do is copy and paste the files to a new directory, then set up an identity and the re-copy them

  daba 12:20 19 Jul 2003

Let that be a warning to everyone - don't do things in the registry unles you are SURE of the consequences, and ALWAYS BACK-UP.

Luckily I did and a Registry Restore has recovered all my mail, folders, accounts etc etc.

Ta for answers

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