OE6 - Lost Address Book

  Pompey 16:08 24 May 2003

I recently had to reformat my hard drive due to conflict problems with a new scanner. Having overcome a few problems I then reinstalled IE6 via a CD, but on opening Outlook Express the following message appears:

"The Adress Book failed to load. Outlook Express is incorrectly configured, please reinstall."

Being unable to find a way to install OE separately, I reinstalled IE from another CD (though both were from the PC Advisor magazine). Unfortunately I'm still getting the same message. The effect this has is that whilst I can download my mail, I am unable to reply to any, nor can I create new mail.

Has anyone come across this situation before, please?

I'm running Win98SE on an AMD Athlon 1.3 GH Processor, 27GB Hard Drive and 256 MB RAM.

  anchor 16:50 24 May 2003


Did you try fully removing the previous installation of IE6, prior to the re-installation?. This is done via control panel, add and remove programmes.

Whilst it is not likely, it is just possible that the CD`s you are using are defective. The latest full version of IE6(SP1) is available for download here from MS.

click here
It is quite a big download, so I hope you have broadband.

  Gaz 25 17:04 24 May 2003

Repair the installation of Office or Windnows XP.

  Pompey 21:50 24 May 2003

Thanks for responding.
I don't have Broadband but will do the uninstall and download in the morning when it is quieter.

Gaz 25 - I presume you mean repair via System Tools/System Information. If the download doesn't work I'll certainly try that.

Will let you know, in any case.

  beeuuem 22:05 24 May 2003

If you go to Add/ remove programmes and then to remove IE6 it will give you the option to add components or repair the current installation.

  watty123 22:21 24 May 2003

I to had the same problem but it was a friend who fixed it for me.
This is no hope but Play up POmpey!

  Pompey 11:32 26 May 2003

Thanks everyone, I downloaded IE6 from the web site yesterday and the Address Book is now working fine.

The only problem now is that when I dial up, the message "Verifying User Name and Password" appears twice, and then hangs for quite some time before actually opening the OE screen. Is there any way to get rid of this?


  Lú-tzé 12:07 26 May 2003

Go into the properties of the DUN connection and untick the "log onto network" box. That should do it for you.

  Pompey 21:37 28 May 2003

Problems now solved.

  Agent Smith 22:51 28 May 2003

Your problem was that if you put your address book back onto your computer from a CD then the address book would have been "read only". Unchecking the read only attribute in properties would have cured your problem. Took me a few goes to realise this the first time that I did it.

  Pompey 14:50 29 May 2003

Yes, thanks, I had realised that, having recently transferred all my stuff from my older computer to the one I'm now using. I rather got the impression it was a case of an Outlook Express file not loading properly from the CD. Anyway, everything's fine now.

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