OE6 auto disconnect won't work

  Bargee 10:29 27 Jan 2004


I've checked out all the threads for this problem in helproom, but non of the solutions work for me.

Outlook Express simply will not disconnect after Send/Receive, even when it makes the internet connection. I've tried everything (I think!) under the Tools/Options dialogs.

I'm really annoyed because I only downloaded OE/IE6 because my Norton Internet Security upgrade refused to load because I was running IE5. Now since upgrading NIS 2004 I have this problem. I'm starting to think it wasn't worth paying £27 to buy the upgrade rather than pay £25 for my subscription renewal. AND it's now a single PC EULA unlike NIS 2003, but thats another matter I'll be taking up with Symantec.

I'm starting to tear whats left of my hair out!

Help. pleeeaaassse.


  Bargee 17:35 27 Jan 2004

Damn! I thought I would have had a response for this.

Never mind, I'll leave it unresolved for now & hope that someone has some idea.


  Bargee 19:43 28 Jan 2004

Well this is truly amazing. I know I've posted some queries that have probably made me look a bit thick, but I REALLY need help with this one.

I REALLY don't want to trawl through the MS knowledge base, but then needs must I suppose.

Thanks anyway.

  wildrover 20:44 28 Jan 2004

Assuming that you have 'hang up after sending and recieving' ticked on the connections tab. Have you tried:-
"If you connect to an IMAP or HTTP server, click the server name in the folder list, and then make sure that the items you want to view offline are checked" if this is appropriate (from the help section of OE).

Failing this, how about trying to repair IE?

  DieSse 23:05 28 Jan 2004

"I REALLY don't want to trawl through the MS knowledge base"

But that's how most people get their answers - even those who help out most in here.

  Bargee 13:57 29 Jan 2004

wildrover, my problem is failure to auto disconnect when Send & Receive has finished, I've checked all the disconnect/hang up boxes etc, to no avail. I'll explore your option fully, so thanks for that.

DieSse, I acknowledge your point, but short-circuiting knowledge bases for help is the whole point of Forums like this, surely?


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