OE6 Asking for, but not accepting password :(

  GibsonSt19 15:25 18 Jul 2005

Hi there, accessing my yahoo pop mail through Outlook Express 6 isn't working (since yesterday), however it's been fine for months.

It just keeps wanting me to confirm my username and password, however they're entered correctly and are the same as always.

Even if I re-enter my password it still doesn't work :(

Anyone come across this before?

  gripperfox 15:31 18 Jul 2005

I haven't encountered it with Yahoo but from time to time I get the same problem with one or other of my POP3 accounts. It generally seems to mean that their mail server is currently unable to respond, ie it's down. The problem usually disappears within a day but I guess it depends on the problem.

  bretsky 15:37 18 Jul 2005

Check with your isp, could be that servers are down, try a bit later. Had this problem with W/doo POP3 account, turned out that their servers were down, tried a couple of hours late....fine on problem.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 15:38 18 Jul 2005

Should be "Fine no problem"

bretsky ;0)

  GibsonSt19 15:44 18 Jul 2005

Hmmm, it's been more than 24 hours now, do you think I should contact them or wait?

Surely a company of that size whouls be aware of their mail server problems, and fix them quick smart?!

  bretsky 15:58 18 Jul 2005

Not necessarily, when I rang W/doo about my email problems, the tech support got me to change all my OE configurations, bearing in mind I use mailwasher and MSGtag in line with OE, and then half way through the proceedings, he announced that yes, he was just getting information through that W/doo's servers WERE down and the problem is NOT the fault of my computer! so I had to spend another 10 Min's putting all the settings back again.

So yes, ring them!!

bretsky ;0)

  Taff36 16:35 18 Jul 2005

BT Yahoo - Problem last week with one of my friends. Because the password was entered in three times, they said incorrectly, the account was frozen. Look on their website and contact "Billing Enquiries". They sorted it out and enabled the account again. (By the way it was a pay as you go account)

  Taff36 01:10 21 Jul 2005

How did you get on?

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