OE wants to use dial-up instead of broadband

  palinka 22:58 18 Aug 2005

I have a desktop (ME)and a laptop (XP) sharing a broadband connection. No problems; used like that for a year.
Recently I created a dial-up connection as well on the laptop and now OE on the laptop keeps trying to connect using the dial-up account, even though BB is set as default.
IE is OK; so too is AVG. I can't think what I've forgotten to set in OE to make it use BB.

  VoG II 23:05 18 Aug 2005

Tick Never dial a connection.

  goffer23 23:09 18 Aug 2005

Whilst I use Outlook, have you checked under Tools/accounts in OE to see whether your BB connection is the default as well as in your Netwok connections?

  westwit 23:11 18 Aug 2005

In OE try clicking Tools / Accounts / Mail; higlight your mail account and click Properties / Connection. Tick the box marked "Always connect to this account using:" and then select your broadband connection in the drop down list below. Click Apply, then OK your way out.

  palinka 23:20 18 Aug 2005

yes BB is the default in OE as well as IE. Never dial a connection seems to be ticked.

  Stuartli 23:40 18 Aug 2005

It should be Always Dial My Default Connection if you use it to send/receive e-mails.

If you have more than one e-mail account then in all instances you will have to configure OE, as mentioned above, to Always Use This Connection (i.e. the default) to send/receive e-mails.

  woodchip 23:55 18 Aug 2005

The reason is that the last Networking item takes Default position as a Printer's do when more than one printer installed. you may have to remove BB and reinstall

  johnnyrocker 00:20 19 Aug 2005

not so in e mail stuart broadband should never be dialing mail or otherwise, more likely is that the posters connection settings in mail is phone and modem as opposed to lan?


  palinka 10:30 19 Aug 2005

Thank you all.
I wrote a response after Westwit's advice arrived but at that point got a message "Error executing database enquiry" (had this once or twice lately in similar circumstances) so I gave up and went to bed!
State of play this morning is that Westwit's advice has worked - up to a point; thanks very much, Westwit.
Problem that remains is that PC still looks for the dial-up connection first, although BB is the default. Advice on changing the order of these events, please.
Discovered that i can get straight to the BB account via tools>send & receive>my default BB account, but that's a long-winded way of sending and receiving emails.Will I have to re-install BB as Woodchip mentions, or is there a simpler method?

  DieSse 11:02 19 Aug 2005

In the email accounts properties, under the Connections tab, take the tick out of the box "Always connect to this account using" - Then it won't try to change access methods - it should just go straight out and check them.

  johnnyrocker 11:10 19 Aug 2005

the box should remain ticked and applied, i reckon there are two options, one being delete and recreate the mail account, or pissibly a little easier would be to check tools/internet options/lan settings and make sure that automatically detect settings is not ticked, re boot and try again.


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