OE transfer from old to new drive

  toogie 15:39 20 Jul 2010

This is the last problem, I hope, that I need to resolve following installation of a new hard drive. Initially I cloned from the old drive and my OE worked fine on the new drive. However following weeks of trying to fix other problems I finally reinstalled Windows XP on my new drive. I did save the OE to a memory stick and my Maxtor external drive. Or so I thought !! Having read many PCA postings about similar problems, before posting this request, I realise that something is not right in my backup as I have only .dll files. I still have the old drive, currently disconnected, and am tempted to connect this and find a way to export my mesages and address book from there to the new drive. However, as I have the new drive running well, after many problems when I had the old drive as slave, I am reluctant to do so. Is there any other way and if not how can I use the old drive without "messing up" my clean install on the new drive and how would I make the transfer?

  Pineman100 16:10 20 Jul 2010

You'll obviously have to connect the old drive to the computer in some form or another - either by installing it as a slave, or by putting it into a USB caddy as an external drive.

Once you've dome that, you should be able to copy your old OE store folder, etc, across to the new drive.

This should explain how to do it.

click here

  toogie 16:26 20 Jul 2010

Pineman100 As I do not have a USB caddy I will need to install the old drive as a slave. I am being very cautious before doing this because I have spent too many hours the last few weeks solving problems created when I had both drives connected. This may well have been before I completed the clean install of XP on the new drive but!!!!!
However if I do connect up the slave and make the transfer and then disconnect the old drive and Restore the new drive to a point before connecting the Slave will this help to reduce my problems or rather concerns, or am I being too cautious?

  toogie 20:00 20 Jul 2010

I have now set up new OE6 account which sends emails but it but will not allow receipt. The dialog box comes up asking for user and password names..........and even though they are correct it will still not receive!!!!

  Pineman100 14:34 24 Jul 2010

Sorry for the delayed reply - I've been away.

I don't quite understand your concerns about connecting the old drive as a slave. However, if this has given you problems before, maybe it would be safer to take out your new drive and re-install the old drive as the Master. Once you've done this and are able to boot from it, then find your OE store folder (as explained in my link above) and copy it to your external drive, a USB stick or CD.

Then put your new drive back in, and copy the OE data to your new system.

As for your problems sending emails, are you sure that you have correctly entered the name of your ISP's smtp server?

  toogie 17:11 05 Aug 2010

Sorry I forgot about this posting as I have solved the problem. I was using the wrong password !! Thanks for your help.

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