OE still "connects " to a deleted ISP

  palinka 11:52 10 Jan 2006

My sister used to use Onetel; in November she changed to Tiscali (dial-up, in both cases; OE is W98).
I did the new installation for her and as far as I know I removed all trace of Onetel. Today she says she tried to send 2 emails but after sending the first one (through tiscali) OE went hunting for onetel (and dialled Onetel, though she/I thought the only tel number left on the computer was the Tiscali one). In Internet Options>connections there is no sign of Onetel. This has been happening ever since the change to Tiscali, but she uses it very little and has been away, so had not pinned down the problem until today. She has now removed all traces of onetel by start>search>files&folders, but when she clicks the arrow beside Send & receive onetel is still listed there together with tiscali - which is correctly indicated as Default.
I can't understand how this connection can be happening. How can she get rid of this irritating problem? She lives at a distance so I'll need to talk her through any solution by phone and as I'm on a BB connection I can't remember exactly what she will be seeing on-screen when this dial-up happens.

  recap 11:56 10 Jan 2006

If you are comfortable with using the registry. I would suggest that you do a search for anything relating to Onetel and remove it.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 11:57 10 Jan 2006

Have you deleted the entry from:

Outlook Express -> Tools -> Accounts -> Mail


  palinka 12:07 10 Jan 2006

thanks very much both of you, particularly The Ghost of Inept Pig; I phoned her again seconds before your response arrived and remembered, while speaking to her, that that might be the solution - and it was. Onetel was still listed there as an account.

  Stuartli 12:22 10 Jan 2006

It could be worthwhile keeping the One.Tel e-mail account for a little while as your sister may still receive e-mails from that source.

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