OE server/passwords deleted. WindowsXPHome

  nutcrusher 14:49 06 Jul 2005

Each time I go onto Outlook Express I have to retype the passwords. Which settings do I need to change so that the passwords are "remembered". Or, are these deleted for security reasons? Thanks to all help.

  recap 16:16 06 Jul 2005

Open OE and select Tools/Accocunts/Mail (tab) select the account in question then click on Properties.

From here select the Server tab, make sure the correct password is entered in the window and check the box for Remember Password.

  VoG II 20:06 06 Jul 2005
  recap 10:59 07 Jul 2005

"Thanks recap. I,ve done all that several times. Now this morning after loading Office97 the Outlook Express has been replaced with Outlook? Nutcrusher"

Outlook is part of the Office set package. You will need to download OE6. If you click here you can download the latest version with service pack 1.

  VoG II 11:06 07 Jul 2005

Also via e-mail:

Dear Vog, Many thanks I'm printing the page out and will apply the instructions. Now this moring after loading Office97Pro last night I've lost Outlook Express, looked in tools options programs - but no OE! Nutcrusher


Nutcrusher, please use the Add a new response box at the bottom of the page to post your replies. The yellow envelope is for private messages.

See if this file exists:

C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe

If it does, that is Outlook Express and you can create a shortcut to it. I have never known installing Office to remove OE only to make Outlook the default e-mail program.

  nutcrusher 19:59 07 Jul 2005

The file you mention is there -but without the .exe

  VoG II 20:02 07 Jul 2005

What happens if you double-click it?

  nutcrusher 07:07 08 Jul 2005

Outlook express loads.

  nutcrusher 07:43 08 Jul 2005

Thanks, password problem solved.

  nutcrusher 21:05 11 Oct 2005

I,m back with my old problem as above and have tried VoG solution - which worked previously. Now cannot delete the sub keys under protected storage system, receive error message - "error deleting key. Any ideas please?

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