OE opens messages, no me

  Miss Happy 15:55 06 Nov 2004

Recently OE has been opening messages, maybe one or two, without any input from me. I am not happy about this because of the obvious virus threat. Although the message/s change from as they are when they are untouched (bold), to normal font, they do not open on screen, only when I click on them do they open their contents for me to read. Has anyone else had the same sort of thing happen lately? I keep my virus updates current all the time. AVG stopped a message the other day from being opened, however, I had already trashed it anyway!

  Miss Happy 16:05 06 Nov 2004


  watchful 16:06 06 Nov 2004

Under Tools/Options/Read in OE is there a tick in the box which says: Automatically download messages when viewing in the preview pane? If so, take the tick out.

  Miss Happy 16:18 06 Nov 2004

There is no tick in the 'automatically download...' box. I use ntlworld.com and they always have adverts in the lower part of the screen on my OE. I havent been able to stop that. I stopped the 'auto download...' ages ago to help prevent opening any virus threats by mistake. I have not networked my PCs so I am wondering how the messages show as being opened after for a few seconds, showing unread/opened (on opening OE). In any case, networking would not be a problem as I have only ever managed to receive messages on one PC as they only download once in OE, if you know what I mean! Waffle waffle waffle!

  Miss Happy 16:31 06 Nov 2004

Thanks crx1600, there was a tick in 'preview pane' now removed! I didn't know there was this option here, thanks, if it doesnt work...I'll be back!

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