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  toniclady 23:17 10 Mar 2004

hi, just got a new pc, how do i get my pics and emails off last pc's outlook to go on the new outlook, do i have to email them to my self? as i thought with it still being outlook with same user name and password, the emails and pics wud still be there

  Tim1964 23:38 10 Mar 2004

On the old PC, open OE click on File >Export>Messages and save it to a flppy (or pen drive) on the new PC open OE select File Import>Messages and browse to the floppy with them on. This is the same for addresses and favourites as well.

As for the pics you will have to save them to a cdr (if they are large files) or to a pen drive if you have one. if they are quite small files or you are on BB then mailing them to yourself will do the job,

Good luck.

  temp003 05:32 11 Mar 2004

You will need a CD burner on old computer. If not, it might be easier to just forward all emails to yourself (in a small batch, download from new computer, then another batch).

You haven't said what operating system was on old computer, and what version of Outlook Express. I assume your new OS is XP.

OE messages are stored in folders (inbox, outbox, deleted items and so on). These folders are in the form of either .dbx files (for OE5 or OE6)or .mbx files (OE4). So the files would be either inbox.dbx or inbox.mbx etc.

To see them, you need to enable hidden files and folders, and file extensions, to be shown on old computer. Double click My Computer. For 98, click View, Options, tick Show All Files, and untick Hide MSDOS extensions for registered file types. Click OK. For other Windows, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and tick Show hidden files and folders, and untick Hide file extensions for known file types. Click OK.

Then create a new folder under C, and call it Email, so you get the folder c:\email.

Then use Find or Search function (Start, Find, or Search) to search for files.

In the find or search box, type .dbx or .mbx to get the Search Results. Then copy and paste ALL the files to (or copy to) the c:\email folder.

Burn the email folder to CD. Copy the folder from CD to new computer at C drive, so that you get c:\email folder on new computer.

Right click c:\email folder, Properties, and untick Read Only box, click OK. Tick Apply changes to files and subfolders. OK.

Then open OE on new computer. click File, Import, Messages.

If files are .dbx, select Outlook Express 6 (even if it's OE5). Next. Then select "Import mail from OE6 store directory". Browse to C:\email folder, OK, next, and follow the prompts.

If files are .mbx, select OE4. Next. Then browse to c:\email folder, OK, Next, and so on.

  toniclady 10:13 11 Mar 2004

i think it would be easier to email them to myself, as my floppy drive and cd/rw doesnt work, thats why i bought a new pc, i had it fixed but its gone again.
thnx guys anyway

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