OE ; next message opens when previous deleted

  palinka 18:23 12 Jul 2007

I think this is a setting that needs to be changed, but I don't know what - a friend tells me that when she deletes an email message in OE the next one opens (doesn't matter whether she deletes the first opened or unopened.)
Not a major isue, but it can mean that spam is opened.
Can someone tell me what she needs to change to prevent this happening?

  Simsy 18:44 12 Jul 2007

And it always has done. I assumed it was normal. I'll keep an eye on this as well!

Apologies for the hijack!



  Technotiger 19:03 12 Jul 2007

I don't use OE, but in my Incredimail this does not happen. If I open a Folder containing saved emails and wish to delete any of them, I highlight the mail without opening and then press the Del key, it is the same if I click on Delete in the heading menu.
If I delete an open mail, then yes, the next mail also appears opened.

  beeuuem 19:06 12 Jul 2007

Open OE and go to View tab > Layout > uncheck 'Show preview pane'
It is recommended by some that this should be done to prevent viruses etc being released.

  palinka 19:08 12 Jul 2007

it's not the preview pane, beeuuem; that's disabled.
That's what makes this such a mystery.

  Jak_1 19:49 12 Jul 2007

It does it with me too, I assumed it was normal.

  Jackcoms 20:10 12 Jul 2007

It's normal.

It's not a problem.

Green tick, I think.

  Simsy 21:59 12 Jul 2007

the first post... "(doesn't matter whether she deletes the first opened or unopened.)"

Do you mean that with no emails opend, if she delete one then the next one down opens?

If you do mean that then it's different to what I thought...

If I have an email open and delete it then the next one opens. If an email is cloed and I delete it then nothing else opens.

Can you clarify the situation. I think maybe we've been too hasty and something is awry?



  palinka 09:44 13 Jul 2007

Simsy - here is what happens: say 5 emails come in, she opens the one at the top of the list. If she then deletes it (she normally does this by clicking the delete cross in the toolbar at the top of the email) the next email in the list is found to have opened.
I've just checked with her & it seems I got it wrong when I said "doesn't matter whether she deletes the first open or unopened" - apparently if she deletes from the inbox without opening there is no problem.
But I've never known an email to open because I'd opened the previous one and then deleted that previous one. I regard it as unsafe because the "next email in the list" might be spam that she doesn't want to open.

  palinka 09:55 13 Jul 2007

horrors, grovellings, apologies!!!
I've just discovered that it DOES happen on mine if I delete by the method my friend uses! I re-opened the email telling me of Jak_1's response, clicked the delete cross and found the next email was open.
Now I can't remember how I usually delete emails myself! - I must just do it on autopilot, but obviously not by that method. I think I close them and then delete.
Thank you all for your time and effort. I'll tick resolved.

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