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  cherria 10:07 03 Apr 2003

I'm getting some annoying spam from one source which I can easily identify and delete manually but tried to set up a rule in OE to do it automatically. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work.

The sender and subject are different every time but they always contain accented character so I wanted to set up a rule that says if the sender contains 'Ö' delete or if the subject contains 'Ö' delete.

Can I have a rule that looks for a specific character in the sender or subject?

  xtreme_computing 10:14 03 Apr 2003

i don't bother using message rules, i downloaded a free program called mail-washer, which lets you bounce back any spam and delete them before they land in your in-box.

interested click here

  Steinman 10:15 03 Apr 2003

Is the domain name the same everytime?
For example is it [email protected]
then [email protected]
then [email protected]
I.e allways from someone @ANNOYING.COM
If so you can do a rule for domain name.Block/delete it that way.

  cherria 10:18 03 Apr 2003

No, nothing that simple I'm afraid, always completely different.

xtreme_computing - thanks, I was trying to avoid more layers of protection but I may have to go that way as my spam count seems to be increasing

  xtreme_computing 10:22 03 Apr 2003

sorry that link doesn't work try this one click here

this program is only a small download and it doesn't take up any resources, it also does what it says and is well worth the download in my opinion, and alot of others on this forum

  AngeTheHippy 10:39 03 Apr 2003

whether it works if you already have say, Norton A/V installed?


  Steinman 10:40 03 Apr 2003

Yes, know that feeling well!
Bit obvious I know, but, if you dont want to go for further protection, why not just get a new email address & abandon the old one for spam !?
I have heard of xtreme_computing idea of mail washer prog. Not used it myself but others too say its ok.
Whatever you do , Good Luck!

  watchful 12:57 03 Apr 2003

The new e-mail address is the best option. I've had absolutely NO spam since changing mine.

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