OE lost after messing with 'identities'

  jfmfit2003 17:13 22 May 2007

Dear Sir,
I was trying to start up a new OE email account for a friend on Windows XP Outlook Express, on my machine.
I lost my ORIGINAL email account which had hundreds of files and addresses when I was altering and adding 'identities'.
And, although I can log-on from my 'desctop', I cannot log-on with any of the 4 email accounts I have created.
That is why I have a WEB based email as a reply for my forums replies.

Please help recover my original email account and make OE connect to the ISP.

Thanks in anticipation, John Mac.

  skidzy 17:30 22 May 2007

System restore ?

  jfmfit2003 17:42 22 May 2007

I have tried 'RESTARE' several times but it does not seem to alter anything in Outlook Express.

In fact I have tried about 6 'restores'.


  lotvic 22:13 22 May 2007

I think that first you should find all your Outlook Express email and save it to a new folder you make in 'My Documents' you will then be able to import them to your Account in Outlook Express when you have got one working.

You will need to log on using an Administrator account

Open Windows Explorer (My Computer > right click and Explore) then Tools>Folder Options>View Tab. Select show hidden files and folders, Untick Hide File extensions of known type and Untick Hide protected operating system files. Or you won't be able to see the files.

In XP they are in .dbx folders in Documents and settings>yourname>Local settings>application data>identities>[long folder name of numbers symbols and letters > Microsoft> Outlook Express

Outlook Express messages are *.dbx (a database only readable in OE - unless you install an additional dbx reader prog)

Outlook Express > Tools > Options > Maintenance tab and click on 'Store Folder' button (this will tell you where OE is currently storing your email that is in the folders displayed when you are using OE)

If you have difficulty finding the email a search (Start > Search) on your pc for *.dbx will reveal all of the store folders. I find it useful to make a copy of my dbx folders and put the copies in a new folder I create in 'My Documents', then I rename the folders for ease of recognition (eg: copyofHarry.dbx) these are then backed up with with the rest of my data - burnt to CD/DVD. When I need them I open Outlook Express and import them.
(Because I have renamed the folders I do not get the problem of Outlook Express overwriting existing folders of the same name when I import them)
I do not copy the folders Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Deleted Items and Drafts as these get recreated in OE and tend to corrupt if messed with!

Your Address Book can also be found by Start>Search *.wab
or it will be in C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\yourname.wab
and I would suggest you back that up by making a copy of it to CD/DVD as well as your emails

Hope this info is useful.

  Diversion 22:15 22 May 2007

I've been told that this will put back your System Restore, but I've also heard that it did not work. But no harm in trying click here I hope it works for you.

  jfmfit2003 21:33 29 May 2007

To: Diversions and lotvic.
Thanks to you both but I am still stuck.
Diversions....... I tried your download and it did change what was a bad REGISTRY. I do not know what happened though!
lotvic....... your advice was very helpful but I could not open the .dbx file called 'inbox'. I was sent round in circles. Any help you can give will be very welcome. It may be my version of XP is corrupt? I have had lots of problems in the past year but do not feel able to completely reload XP again. For your info' I still cannot find my original OE with all it's various files. If I could I would then save it to another HDD (I have two). Any help please?

  Diversion 22:39 29 May 2007

Maybe re-installing Outlook Express might fix your problem click here

  roy 23:17 29 May 2007

If you have created a new identity can you not use the File/Switch identity to select you old (own) identity. Isn't it showing there?

  jfmfit2003 02:15 30 May 2007

Ref: Roy.
The new identity I created is on my desktop so I am able to switch ok. But, that is not my problem. I have somehow screwed up my original OE identity and have lost thousands of files that were in there.
With thanks John.

  lotvic 23:03 30 May 2007

You need to tell us exactly what you have altered and /or deleted. please make clear the distinction between User Profiles in XP (identity) and the O.Express identity when you tell us.

Is your 'old' identity logon User profile in Xp still there and working? (the one that originally you logged onto and then went to Outlook Express and all your emails were there - before you 'messed with identities')

  roy 23:40 30 May 2007

I wouldn't have thought you could lose all your files without some prior warning. However, you need to answer Lotvic's last posting and perhaps we can help.

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