OE fails to get messages..help please.

  bof:) 20:47 23 Feb 2005

Hi all, friend using OE and its failing to get her email messages. (She is using win ME and dial up)

When I had a look it seemed that she was just getting the 1st message...from ebay (keeps repeating) and the 2nd message was freezing at 2%.

I managed to get rid of the 1st message and the 2nd message now freezes at 17% before OE says error.

I've set the time out to 4 mins and cleared the inbox. But still keep getting an error message.

OE incoming mail is virus checked by AVG, I turned the virus checker section of AVG off but still OE reporter an error at 17% on 2nd email.

So, how can we clear the 2nd email??

I've set up a hotmail account for my friend just so thiat she has email options. But nearly all of the sites that need an email address have the 1 thats collected by OE.

Thanks for any help on this. My friend is desperate for help.


  VoG II 20:51 23 Feb 2005

Does her ISP offer a webmail service? If so use that and delete the problem message.

  T0SH 21:01 23 Feb 2005

Get MailWasher, it is freeware and will allow deleting of mail from the server

Cheers HC

  bof:) 21:13 23 Feb 2005

Hi all,

VoG™, she is using ntl...dialup. I'll get her to ring them in the morning.

T0SH, will mailwasher remove an email thats sticking at 17% during being downloaded?

Will the trial version allow you to delete emails from the server?

If so how?

Thanks for the help so far, its greatly appreciated.


  Legolas 21:17 23 Feb 2005

Ntl email server is down at the moment as is the NTLWorld website I have been unable to get my email all evening. A message left when you phone says they are dealing with the outage.

  User-312386 21:19 23 Feb 2005

My brother is on NTL and he is unable to gain access to his e-mail tonight

  bof:) 01:43 26 Feb 2005

Hi all, many thanks for your help. I'm sorry for the late reply but I've been away from PC for a day. I guess NTL must have been having problems because my friend rang me to say she'd tried to get her OE emails thursday morning and thay had all come through without any problem.

Thanks again for all of your help,


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