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  777 22:11 07 Feb 2008

I was preparing to move files from an old computer to a new Dell Vostro - I created a new file in my Docs called "old emails" - then dragged the dbx files from the default store to this location and then changed the maintainance settings in outlook express to point at the "old emails" folder. MS 2000 Pro asked for a restart before it changed the settings - When I went into OE afterwards I have empty inbox, outbox etc and all the other folders I had in there have gone. If I use the search facility it only finds these empty folders. There still seems to be just 1 identity. Any idea where the emails might be - has Windows deleted them. Help Please.

  MAT ALAN 22:18 07 Feb 2008

click here=
try one of these,can't recommend one but a free trial may give you what you want...

  777 22:22 07 Feb 2008

Do I assume then that they have been deleted - or might they just be hiding somewhere. I was never asked did I want to over write them

  RLMTS 22:26 07 Feb 2008

Did you move or copy the files to the new folder.
Is all this still taking place on your old pc.
I guess you are not talking about stuff on your new pc yet, am I correct?

The whole structure of the OE folder set-up is dtored in the .dbx files along with the actual emails themselves.

Can you re-import them, by using OE File/Import/Messages... then select import from OE6, then select "import mail from OE6 store directory" then browse to where your .dbx files are stored.

Or is this way off the mark for your problem?

  RLMTS 22:29 07 Feb 2008

You may also be able to pick up some clues from this posted topic (email issues starts about 9 posts down)

  RLMTS 22:30 07 Feb 2008

Forgot Link!
click here

  777 22:34 07 Feb 2008

I moved them by Ctrl A, dragging and dropping into the new folder, Then OE, Tools, Maintenance, Store folder, Change - to the new location - Restart - Open OE - Inbox now empty (Should have I thought had all my old inbox emails) - Same for outbox, sent, deleted and drafts - Other folders I had sorted mail into over the years Eg Ebay purchases - even the folder has gone - it's like OE created a new starting set of folders where i thought my old ones should be. - All on the old computer - Can't reimport them cos there are only these empty folders there !!

  777 22:59 07 Feb 2008

RLMTS - The experience with the hard drive crash seems similar enough to try that route - I think I have nothing to lose - My emails are not in the original location, they are not in the new location - they don't turn up when hidden files are visible - so NTFS Reader For DOS might be worth a try - but where do you get it and how do you use it? Tried googling but little success.


  RLMTS 23:35 07 Feb 2008

Hi 777
It's here.. click here

But you may need further help with this, have a looksy.. I am back on here tomorrow.

ATB Rich

  Stuartli 00:12 08 Feb 2008

Try OEView:

click here

Also, if you install Thunderbird and import all the OE settings, messages etc it will find e-mails you may well have long forgotten...:-)

Third way is to search for all .dbx files from Windows Search (all Files and Folders).

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