That OE Contacts box again - help!

  polymath 17:24 10 Feb 2005

I posted about this before, but mistakenly marked it as resolved, as it went away briefly.

I've never felt any need to use the Address Book or Contacts facility, so both are empty.

I can't send an email in Outlook Express 6 (dialup connection & Win 98SE). Whenever I try to, a 'Contacts' box pops up. It stops me proceeding, as it tells me (quite rightly!) that no matches were found for the recipient. When pressing 'Cancel' or closing the box, it immediately pops up again. It happens whether or not I'm online yet. The Properties button is greyed out.

This started 2 days ago. I haven't done any installations or other changes recently. I'm pretty vigilant on the web, and use a good antivirus program (Pc- Cillin), with all its components on except when installing something (it's been on whenever the computer's on for months). I haven't found anything suspicious, such as in msconfig/startup or the Close Programs box.

Even more mysteriously, briefly today the box didn't pop up when pressing 'send' But by the time I'd composed an email, there it was again when pressing Send. So it feels to me like a corrupted setting, but I can't find any relevant ones.

I removed Directory Service in Tools-Accounts, with no effect.

I don't think I'll need the Address Book/Contacts in the forseeable future, so the answer doesn't have to be reversible - anything to zap it so I can send emails!

  polymath 17:26 10 Feb 2005

I forgot to say everything else is normal so far, including receiving mail.

  Taff36 17:37 10 Feb 2005

Sounds odd! Try Tools>Options>Send Tab and untick the box automatically complete e-mail addresses. Not sure if this will help.

The only time I get that box up is when I have two identical names (the same person) but two different e-mail addresses and I have to choose between them.

Are you sure you don`t have anything in your address book at all? If so I might suggest you rename it and let OE6 recreate one automatically that isn`t corrupt. (Search your drive for files with extension .WAB and rename it .OLD) Restart OE6 and hopefully that cures it.

  polymath 20:55 10 Feb 2005

Thanks Taff - I tried your suggestions, but no luck so far.

There was 1 .WAB file, which I renamed .OLD - no result after restarting OE, then restarting computer. (I haven't found a way to disable or remove the address book).

I parked the .OLD file (in My Documents), having made a note of its original path (C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book). I then deleted the (now empty) Address Book folder. I also deleted Address Book in Programs\Accessories, & reset. Still no luck!

I looked in the OE Readme file (about new features & issues) but am none the wiser, except that OE6 includes the Windows Address Book ver.5, which includes a Contact Management facility. So I guess if I can get rid of the Address Book that Check Names box will go too.

But how?

  polymath 20:58 10 Feb 2005

The box to automatically complete email addresses was unticked already.

  Taff36 22:01 10 Feb 2005

I think you need to remove OE6 and do a fresh install. Do you have the installation discs to do that?

Also you need to back up your message folders to My Documents and then import them back to the new set up. (Search for .dbx files and copy them)

I may not be able to get back to you until Monday so keep posting and I`m sure someone will fill the gap.

  polymath 17:45 12 Feb 2005

Thanks Taff.
I reinstalled IE6 (from a PC Advisor cover disk). I couldn't find a way to uninstall first, but it went OK. I couldn't seem to import the messages back in, but there were .dbx files in the Recycle Bin - when restored, the messages were back in IE. (Maybe I'd said 'yes' to overwriting files when I should have said 'no', or vice versa).

I can now send messages, except to 1 particular recipient who's not essential to me. That one still produces the old 'Check Names' problem.

Curiouser and curiouser!

  Taff36 06:52 14 Feb 2005

Just check you haven`t got a space at the start of the e-mail address - or anywhere else for that matter. Another tip - Use your address book! In OE6 Tools>Options and look for the box "Automatically Add people I reply to my address book" and "Autocomplete e-mail addresses when composing" both on the send tab. That way you will only have e-mail addresses of known recipients in your address book and when you type their name the address goes in automatically and correctly.

Now you can ask your mystery contact to send you a test e-mail, reply to it and the correct address will be in the address book automatically for the future. Good Luck!

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