OE cloumn headings

  Antique Mariner 09:56 10 Jun 2009

In OE I have an In box, Read Items with sub folders and Sent Items with sub folders.

In the Read Items folder and in the sub folders the headings are "From", "Subject" and date/time "Received".

In the Sent Items folder the headings are "To", "Subject" and date/time "Sent".

However, in the sub folders to Sent Items the headings are the same as in the Read Items and each attempt to change the headings to match those of the Sent Items folder results in changing the headings in the Read Items folder and sub folders.

Is there a way of resolving this or what am I doing wrong?

  Kevscar1 12:31 10 Jun 2009

Sorry but what are you trying to achieve as ong as the e-mails have been sent to the right person does it matter what the heading say.

  Antique Mariner 15:09 10 Jun 2009

Thanks for the reply Kevscar though not very helpful. You appear to have missed my point. When I access a sub folder in the Sent Items I expect to see to whom the message was sent and not who sent it i.e. myself.

  Clapton is God 16:18 10 Jun 2009

"You appear to have missed my point"

I think several of us have missed your point.

What exactly are these "sub folder in the Sent Items" that you refer to?

  iscanut 08:54 11 Jun 2009

I think I follow..these are sub folders you have created in the "Sent" folder. Right click on any of the headings, select Columns, untick "From" and tick "To"

  Antique Mariner 09:10 11 Jun 2009

Thank you iscanut, you do indeed follow. However, I have already tried what you kindly suggested. The problem is that when I change the column heading in "Sent Items" they also change in "Read Items"!!!!!!!

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