O.E. Can you print background stationery plus

  Noels 08:52 11 Feb 2003

In O.E. I frequently use coloured background stationery. Then coloured text and include clip art,smilies,photos to create an attractive e-mail.I also receive similar from friends. However when it comes to printing the e-mails everything prints except the background,showing the text etc on a white ground.

Question does anyone know if it is possible to print the complete page including the background and if so how?

Regards Noels

  Andsome 09:14 11 Feb 2003

I have just had a look at a coloured e-mail from my sister in OZ. I clicked onto print and the preview showed plain white background. I would be interested in an answer myself. When my nephew sends attachments in the form of cartoons etc, these will always print exactly as received in full colour.

  Noels 09:30 11 Feb 2003

Hello yes I have no problems printing in full colour everthing on top of the background, but can't print the background itself.

Are you saying that your nephews attachments will print in colour. Background and cartoons etc ???

Regards Noels

  Lozzy 09:35 11 Feb 2003

Try going into IE>>Tools>Internet Options>>Advanced scroll down to Print and enable Print Background. I don't know for sure if this will do it in OE as I do not have any emails with color backgrounds.. Not really sure why you would want to do this as it will use a huge amount of ink..

  Noels 10:00 11 Feb 2003

Thanks Lozzy It works Easy when you know how.
I was getting frustrated because in some cases the backgrounds contributed to the overall look of the mail and without the background they looked nothing.

Once again many thanks. Noels

  Andsome 10:15 11 Feb 2003

Whoe's a clever boy then. It does work.

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