OE 6 problem ? A Professional wanted !

  Derek 09:19 06 Aug 2007

I've spent a lot of money on a new self build PC and that didn't sort the problem. Spent five weeks doing just about everything and asking
no end of groups how to solve this problem.

My mail does not arrive in my box. But yes I can get to my emails in a most peculiar way.
They all appear at the site I use to control my spam - click here, and are lodged in my "My Mail" folder within the Spamjab site.
Whether I change my profile to
"pop.ntlworld.com" or
"pop.mailhost.spamjab.com" ,
the incoming messages all stay where they are, in the Spamjab Site folder.

NTL has done the tests and finds nothing wrong, in fact they send me test messages and they get through Ok.

Curiously, when I click on "Send/Rec" , I just get a splash screen for a milisecond which is
not readable due to the short exposure.
As stated, Ntl has tested everything, as has Spamjab and nothing is reported as damaged.

All my service utilities haven't thrown up anything and I use Reg First Aid, AVG, Ad-Aware,
Everything else on the PC is working fine. Since I was told that this was not a software problem by NTL techies, I bought some new bits, 550W PSU, Asus M2V MB, new 3800+ DDR2, New CPU and sink, new CD RW and a new graphics card. The lot!


I have to assume that the fault lies in the registry but all my corrective software does not find anything wrong. So now I'm asking, how do I reload XP Pro so as to retain all 'fixes' for my programmes and reset original settings to suit this OE problem ?

Please help someone or advise who to approach. (Just cannot make any headway with MS support even though I'm willing to pay).

By the way....forget the "RegCure" jokers and their numerous other titles !!

Best wishes as always. Derek Miles.

  beynac 09:34 06 Aug 2007

I have no experience of Spamjab, but it seems as if it's working as described on their website. I think that the problem is your settings in Outlook Express. You say that you have tried setting incoming mail to
"pop.mailhost.spamjab.com". It should be "mailhost.spamjab.com" (without the prefix "pop"). You need to use your Spamjab login and password.

  birdface 09:50 06 Aug 2007

I suppose that you have already tried this Microsoft O/E set up. click here

  Graham. 09:54 06 Aug 2007

Try sending an email to yourself. Then you can track its progress. Put something like 'Hot Lips' into the Subject field, that should be treated as spam.

  birdface 09:58 06 Aug 2007

Hi,A few folk on here recently could not get O/E to work,A few tried downloading Thunderbird,And it worked ok from there.Worth a try if nothing else works.

  brundle 10:00 06 Aug 2007

Follow these steps for a log file of OE's communications.
click here

  birdface 10:00 06 Aug 2007
  Derek 10:18 06 Aug 2007

Sorry Beynac, a missprint on my part and settings are all in order.
Yes Buteman followed it all to the letter.
Graham thanks, I'll try it again to see what happens.
BUTEMAN - What's thunderbird ? Thanks again.
Thank you Brundle, will have a go.

Many thanks to you all for the help. Needless to say I will be in touch with a progress report.

Kindest regards

  Graham. 10:27 06 Aug 2007

is an Email client, like as wot OE is
click here

  johnnyrocker 10:40 06 Aug 2007

have you tried deleting and recreating the account?


  martjc 10:55 06 Aug 2007

...and recreate it using server name prefix pop3 not just pop.

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