Odd thing with Google

  montyburns 13:06 10 Sep 2006

Last week Google started "looking different" on my PC running XP Home

The home page is as usual, but when I've done a search, there's a new column down the left with "Search for" - then whatever I looked for - followed by "Images", "News", "Groups", "More>"

It looks like this:-

click here

What's really odd is that on our laptop, it still brings up a "regular" page, with a layout I'm used to, like this for the same search:-

click here

I've also tried it on three machines at work, at it looks like it always used to

Obviously then it's something on the PC that's affecting it. Has anyone come across this before? Is it likely to be a virus or other malware?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  rorzo 14:22 10 Sep 2006

Are you sure you haven't changed any of the preferences or options in google?

  montyburns 14:29 10 Sep 2006

I've had a look at preferences, but can't see anything that (as far as I can tell) would produce this look

I'd email Google and ask them, but can't find an email contact!

  anskyber 14:40 10 Sep 2006
  anskyber 14:40 10 Sep 2006
  anskyber 14:51 10 Sep 2006

Do you think this has happened? click here

  octal 15:02 10 Sep 2006

That's strange. I didn't really think about it until you mentioned it because at work IT have just added Windows XP on my machine and Google looks the same as it does in your first link. At home here I haven't got XP or Internet Explorer and Google looks as it always has in you second link.

It hasn't helped you but at least I can confirm I'm getting the same as you at work.

  montyburns 16:06 10 Sep 2006

Anyone got any idea how to edit cookies or whatever to change it back to "Old Google"?

I don't like this alternate look - wastes too much space and you don't get how many results have been found unless you scroll right to the bottom of the page

I'm afraid I'm of the sort that doesn't like change, especially when it's forced on me.......!

  montyburns 16:56 10 Sep 2006


try clearing out all your cookies, and see what happens at your next visit.

or if need be, either copy the cookie over from the laptop, or open it and copy the info from inside.

with XP it's in C\documents and settings\%username%\cookies, (cookie:%username% @ google.co.uk)

Cracking idea! Sadly, it didn't work... :-(

  montyburns 19:57 10 Sep 2006


Myabe I did the copying wrong somehow?

  montyburns 23:20 10 Sep 2006

crx1600 you're a star!

The cookie copying DID work, but obviously required a re-boot (or at least a log-off/log-on)...

"Old" Google now restored!

Many, MANY thanks!


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