Odd problem with Outlook Express

  [email protected] 08:54 08 Mar 2006

A friend has asked me about this but I have had no experience with OE for many years. On Win98 and OE, it appears some, not all, live incoming email goes directly to his Deleted folder and from there it's impossible [for him] to get to his Inbox. Anyone else had this problem and is there a remedy? Thanks as always for all the help this forum provides ;-)

  Batch 08:59 08 Mar 2006

Going straight to Deleted suggests some Message Rules have been set up to direct the mail to the Deleted folder.

Can't think why he can't get to Inbox though.

BTW, what version of OE is he running?

  Gongoozler 09:00 08 Mar 2006

Try Tools - Message rules - Mail, and see if there is a rule set up regarding certain types of mail.

  [email protected] 09:01 08 Mar 2006

Thanks Batch. I already asked him to check his rules and he says he has none.

He can get into his Inbox but he can't send the live mail from the Deleted to Inbox.

Win98 as posted.

  [email protected] 09:03 08 Mar 2006

Would there be some way of "repairing" OE. I seem to recall it comes as part of Internet Explorer doesn't it.

  Gongoozler 09:07 08 Mar 2006

The version of IE and OE supplied with Windows 98 is very old, I would recommend updating with version 6 from a magazine cover disk. I usually use one from my stack of old PCA disks.

It may also be worth trying to get OE to repair the Inbox. Simply find inbox.dbx and rename it inbox.old. OE will then create a new inbox.

  [email protected] 09:10 08 Mar 2006

OK Gongoozler - I will ask him which version of IE he is using and pass on the info. [lives in Caribbean by the way]. Thanks all.

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