Odd Outlook Express E mail

  ribo 10:45 02 Feb 2008

This is not exactly a problem but I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on what is happening. I use Mail Washer Pro. I have recently received three e -mails where the "from" is my own email address.
I have looked at these messages in the preview pane and they are about Windows Live Hotmail. I have a hotmail address,which I do not use,but these messages are not from that account,but from my NTL account. I find this very strange. any views please. Thanks. J

  Newuser939 11:45 02 Feb 2008

I also occasionally get spam email which appears to come from myself, but I have always assumed that that is just a function of the way in which the spammer sets up his system.

  ribo 12:23 02 Feb 2008

Thank you for your reply. I would have thought MSM was beyond spam. How wrong can you get. J

  Taff™ 12:29 02 Feb 2008

Had exactly the same this morning. It`s nothing to do with MSN and obviously spam. The link in the e-mail goes to a very unlikely source. Delete and forget it.

  bretsky 12:42 02 Feb 2008

I get these from time to time and yes it does look odd with a lot of head scratching, as Taff™ says delete and forget it/them.

bretsky ;0)

  ribo 13:07 02 Feb 2008

Thank you everyone for your replies.
As they are supposed to be coming from myself,they do not show up as spam but as friend.So using "First Alert" I cannot report them. I do delete them in Mailwasher,so I shall just carry on doing that. Thanks. J

  audeal 00:22 03 Feb 2008

Can't you set Mailwasher up so it will catch any mail with your address on. If it deletes them you are not loosing anything of importance.

  ribo 09:44 03 Feb 2008

Good thought. I will try that. At the moment it comes up on my friends list. J

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